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On of my favorite activities is drinking beer. The other one is playing board games! And one of my absolute favorites is Risk, the game of global domination. A few weeks ago I found LandGrab, which is a free online Risk clone that is awesome. I can't recommend it enough, and if you'd like to be buddies you can check me here.
Another great Risk clone is Lux. It's $25 but the community features are great. I recommend giving the trial a shot.

As a Risk enthusiast myself, I'll also give LandGrab a shot.
Hey Risk, you and I should talk about Risk sometime Matt
why talk when we can PLAY??? If you have a Landgrab account we can start a game together, like, ASAP.

And thanks for the suggestion, KrazyA1pha. I checked out Lux -- it's pretty nice.
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