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Kingdom Hearts Chronicles:
Dark Dawn

Chapter One: Blades, Fangs, and Feathers …

Yuku hit the dusty stone ground with a thud sending his red silk headband gliding from him just a few feet away. He didn’t have time to gather it seeing as the tall thin figure of his opponent was dropping from overhead ready to pin him down.
Yuku quickly evaded by rolling to his left and pushing himself onto his hands and then flipping to his feet just as a thin blade landed right over the area where his heart had been. The spiky headed boy not much older than Yuku himself unearthed his swords blade and lunged toward Yuku again sending a cloud of dirt into the air. Yuku had expected this and quickly countered by dropping flat on his back just as the boy flew overhead. Yuku grabbed one of his legs not only slamming him into the ground but giving Yuku the leverage he had needed to become in control of the situation.
Yuku however hadn’t predicted that his opponent had the skills to quickly recover and rebound. As quickly as the boy had hit the ground he had been able to recover by using the sword’s hilt as a balance to get to his feet even before Yuku could perform his next move. He was much faster than he had been leading Yuku to believe.
Yuku was frozen in disbelief. Just as it seemed that things couldn’t get any worse the blond headed boy disappeared in a blur. Yuku felt a shiver run through his spine. A long thin shiny blade had appeared half an inch from Yuku’s neck. The blade reflected the moon’s radiant light illuminating Yuku’s face.
The blond spiky head boy leaned forward and whispered the words “game over” in Yuku’s ear. Yuku knew that it was useless trying to escape. The moment that he tried to move would mean his end all the same. Yuku racked his mind trying to find a flaw in his predicament, but none came. Just as he could see the sword’s blade begin to move closer to his neck a burst of sharp cold wind sent the spiky haired boy soaring into a nearby tree near the entrance to the forest beyond.
Yuku once again fell to the ground. He slowly rose to his feet and cleared his vision. The voice of girl ringed in his head. She seemed to be taunting his previous attacker as she spoke the words “Come on don’t tell me I caught you off guard, Ryu.”
The wind around the valley plain blew sending scattered leaves into the air. The scene was silent as a small group of clouds crept along the bottom of the moon casting a dark shadow beneath the trees and boulders in the area.
Yuku’s rescuer stood on an outstretched branch opposite the boy who she acknowledged as Ryu. Ryu struggled to his feet coughing. A bit of blood lined the corner of his mouth. “Good one” he finally replied wiping the blood from his mouth “I think you cracked one of my ribs. Looks like you’ve gotten better Mareyu”.
“Whatever let’s finish this” Mareyu grunted smugly.
Ryu moved toward Mareyu stopping when he had passed from under the enhanced shadow of the trees. His gaze swept the field of battle taking in every aspect even the figure of Yuku who had appeared to have slightly sprained his left leg.
“Oh and don’t bother looking for that sword of yours. Sulless has it” Mareyu instructed Ryu to look up overhead. Both Ryu and Yuku turned their sights to the skies above. A red and black hawk circled them all carrying what appeared to be Ryu’s sword in its claws. Sulless let out a loud screech that ringed in Yuku’s ears.
A slight grin moved across Ryu’s mouth, a sign that he had been impressed. “I guess that you would have defeated me if I was anyone else, but guess what” the grin Ryu had formed vanished “I’m not”. Ryu charged toward Mareyu jumping to meet her face to face.
Mareyu seemed unfazed by Ryu’s outstanding speed. The staff in her hands quickly complied with her reflexes. A shield formed from wind produced a barrier separating herself and Ryu.
Yuku knew that wasn’t going to be enough to stop Ryu. Just as quickly as he had slipped behind Yuku he managed to do the same to Mareyu. Mareyu however had been prepared for this. She spun in place bringing the staff at shoulder height protecting her from a barrage of strikes that Ryu had unleashed.
The branch beneath Mareyu gave way to the pressure of Ryu’s attacks. Mareyu leapt from the collapsing branch just in time to dodge the full force of the attack sending her to the ground below. Mareyu slid in the dusty ground with one knee keeping her stable. As she flew past Yuku her staff had hit the ground with enough force to plant itself firmly in the soil.
Before Mareyu’s body could come to a full stop she had already regained her stance. Ryu moved toward her ready for another attack. Yuku had managed to shake off the pain in his ankle and was ready to reenter the battle. What he saw next was enough to prolong his movements. The sound of a cloak blowing in the wind filled Yuku’s ears. Ryu‘s strikes were stopped before he had made contact with Mareyu.
The feel of two cold hands grasped Ryu’s wrist. He had slipped up, lost his sense of his surroundings and now he was in a situation that he knew he would ultimately regret.
Ryu’s body came to a stop. He was now facing a figure in a hooded cloak preventing the sight of his assailant’s face. The voice of a girl sounded from beneath the hood of the cloak.
“That’s as far as you go, Ryu” she spoke. Yuku guessed that if he could see her face it would have been lined with grin, mocking Ryu’s carelessness.
“Impressive Seryu, I didn’t even notice you approaching” Ryu gazed deeply at the area where her eyes should be.
Seryu swung a leg from under her cloak knocking Ryu firmly on his rump. Seryu then turned her gaze toward Mareyu who had chosen the moment to reengage in the battle.
Mareyu drew a pair of fans crafted from solid steel from the insides of her scorched leather jacket. When she swung them they created a wave of air strong enough to hurl the broken tree branch a few meters into the air. Seryu was already prepared. She let the wind force her off of the ground directly toward a tree a few feet behind her. Both of Seryu’s legs connected to the tree’s midsection. She used her body’s recoil to launch herself at Mareyu. By this time Ryu had recovered and made his way to halt Seryu’s oncoming attack.
He caught her by the left arm and swerved to capture Mareyu’s as well. With either in his grip Ryu moved them to face the opposite’s original direction. He used Mareyu’s arm to support his weight and launch a carefully aimed kick to Seryu’s lower leg. The kick seemed to inflict some minor damage as Seryu leaned to her left trying to catch her balance. With Seryu momentarily distracted Ryu turned to Mareyu and with his free hand parried a few hits to her midsection causing her to kneel to the ground clutching her waist. Seryu was back on offense and sent a kick to Ryu that lifted him a few feet into the air.
Yuku picked this moment to launch his attack marking his return to battle. He straightened himself and folded his hands connecting his two index fingers and thumbs forming an A shaped pose with his hands. Yuku had them all where he had needed them to be. He closed his eyes and pictured their exact positions in his mind. Mareyu clutching her side kneeling down on one knee, Seryu’s outstretched leg aimed toward a soaring Ryu. Outside Yuku’s mind time seemed to shift. Ryu’s trajectory had slowed, Seryu bringing her leg back down to the ground, and Mareyu slowly recovering. Yuku could see a water like wave cover his vision and all color faded to either black or white. The area seemed to swirl around them all in a fuzzy blur of grey streaks until the world stilled itself.
This was where Yuku had the upper hand. He was in control of everything around him. His training with Roon, his instructor, had taught him one thing when in this realm, Become your surroundings. In a simplest of terms this meant to manipulate your opponent’s senses to conceal your own identity. In Yuku’s mind the simplest way to accomplice this was to make his opponent think that he had vanished when in actuality he took on the form of an ordinary object usually something commonly found in the area that he had generated. This time he chose to switch it up however and go with something more distinguished.
Sulless’s circling above had slowed drastically, the hawk still clutching onto Ryu’s sword. Yuku concentrated hard on the bird and watched as it suddenly became dust than nothing a few seconds later. Ryu’s sword twisted in the air falling at a regular pace unfazed by Yuku’s illusionary abilities. It landed a few meters in front of Yuku the blade a quarter of the way into the soil. Yuku began focused on his own body morphing it to the form of Sulless’s own. He felt odd yet comfortable as red and black feathers sprouted from his skin. He shrunk to nearly one fourth his original size, his arms and fingers becoming wings; his feet claws and talons.
Yuku let his thin tongue feel the insides of his newly formed beak as he walked to the sword. He began to beat his wings lifting into the air carrying the sword with him wrapped tightly in his claws. He soared into the air as he began his continuous rotation above the battle field. He released a feather that fell back to the ground bending its own form to that of Yuku’s original body, a completely identical copy. The clone landed firmly to the ground kneeling to give the impression of having a sprained ankle.
The area spun yet again color returning as it revolved. Time continued as normal. Yuku watched overhead as the battle resumed, his illusion complete...

Everyone I need ur help. Do you thinks would make a good opening to a book. Its a project that I have been working on, BE BRUTALY HONEST!!!

p.s. If u have any suggestions please post them...This could very well be a bridge between Kingdom Hearts I&II

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