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ever want to share a hero story about slaying the great dragon well um yeah... here you go
ok people post
ok if you are wondering hoew to meet yiazmat, kill hell wyrm, and complete all of the hunts(best complete every event tho because it is a gruelling battle and is about four hours long!)
go to rinadona catract and at the colloseum with all the traps with the hunt accepted you will see him. all characters best be at level 99 set gambits to
ally any health below 30%
and then use all status conditions possible and cast bubble on yourself

use niphalonia and cast bubble at it and cuts health by alot!!!!!

do not use quickening or summon.

best stay back near the entrence and cast magicks too

use balance when he uses paling and turn of all other gambits but reverse and balence so you are moderatly safe for the time being

if you do the low level challenge 122333 this will be even harder try to use the same method plus you need to use arise very often so use your damage dealer as you your tank should be on normal gambits and equipment but change your support to a spellcaster so make sure you got a magick armor and can use ethers alot!

it is impossible to win without a good stategy so devise a good set of gambits and SAVE BEFORE ATTEMPTING!!!!

if and only if you are so stuck email me and i can give you a few lists of gambits and equipment that are useful. i understand it is hard but good luck!

email on saturday eastern usa time around noon
if you can't get ahold of me pm me

copywrite hypno t inc. trade mark and in all rights this belongs to hypno-t inc. (me)
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