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So after viewing various scans--especially the most recent, I have begun to wonder how thoroughly Crisis Core will fill in those empty spots in FFVII.

The most interesting topic for me is the relationship between one Zack and another Aeris. I understand that they must have been pretty close, so this might lead to a massive retcon by Square Enix.

Hojo also seems to be coming around again...always a good time. Maybe we'll get to see Vincent getting his shit messed up. Time will tell.

Thoughts? Theories?
no shit, Hojo?
Is it just me, or does Aeris look so much more attractive now? Must be the new (old, rather) attire.

I don't know if I'd really care to see the relationship expanded upon, especially if that means meandering along same path that Cloud shared with everyone's favorite heroine martyr. That being said, chances are they'll do it anyway for the sake of milking, and, to a lesser extent, fans who haven't played FFVII (do such people even exist, though?).

However, I'd love to see Vincent's metamorphosis.
Aeris will always look more attractive than her blocky FFVII counterpart. As for the relationship, as much as I look forward to seeing it play out, I have yet to be completely taken in by a Kazushige Nojima love scenario.

As for Vincent, I haven't played Dirge of Cerberus, so I'm not sure how much was explained there. If not much, then yes. I'd like to see Vincent being brooding by the end of the game.
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