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Final Fantasy V Advance

Square Enix
Traditional RPG
Final Fantasy
  • November 6, 2006
  • October 12, 2006
A- 4 total ratings
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Final Fantasy V Advance overview

Final Fantasy V Advance synopsis

A sinister warlock from another dimension desires to control the earth and the only one who can stop him is a chocobo-riding drifter named Bartz... The boy is caught up in the adventure after witnessesing a meteor crash into the forest, carrying with it a portal to another world. Together with three friends, he will learn special abilities from the world's sacred crystals and battle against Exdeath over the future of the planet.

Final Fantasy V Advance brings the Super Famicom classic to the Nintendo portable. The game allows players to customize a four-person party by assigning members to various job classes, each of which confer special abilities.

Version Information

This is the GameBoy Advance re-release of the original SNES version of Final Fantasy V.

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  • E3 2007 - Square Enix to bring online store stateside
    ffxii_gabranth-toy.PNGIn addition to its E3 lineup announcement, Square Enix has revealed its scheme to open a North American online store. Square Enix, as a self-described "premiere [maker] of high end-collectibles" plans to stock a multitude of "popular and hard-to-find items" including Master Arms, Play Arts, and Mechanical Arts spanning various series, from Final Fantasy to Kingdom Hearts. Clearly, Square Enix has seen that someone, somewhere is making money selling its products. The immediate consequence will likely find many third-party vendors competing for profits with Square Enix itself. The Online Store
    news article 09 July 2007 by Ziyad  101  no new comments discusss permalink permalink
  • Final Fantasy V Advance bolstered: new jobs, new dungeon
    ffv-barts_glad.bmpDespite popular demand, the upcoming Gameboy Advance iteration of Final Fantasy V will not be including a Salesclerk job. Thankfully, Square Enix has seen fit to include no less than four new jobs to help us through our disappointment, including the Gladiator, the Cannoneer, the Prophet, and the Necromancer (the former two viewable here). Additionally, a new thirty-floor dungeon, the Sealed Ruins, will be available for the title's port, alongside reorganized menus, updated dialogue, and improved sound quality. Final Fantasy V Advance releases in Japan on October 12 and in the U.S. on November 6. Official site
    news article 26 Aug 2006 by Ziyad  4  no new comments discusss permalink permalink
  • Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI heading for GBA; Final Fantasy III DS lives
    ffi+2_mage.gifNintendo's WiFi press conference in Japan today revealed some interesting developments for the DS online service, but the funkiest of them all (and this news article isn't even THE funkiest, see below) included announcements that, yes, indeed, Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI are in fact going to appear on Game Boy Advance at some point in the TBA future. Rejoice! Also, gaming news website Gpara reports that Final Fantasy III DS is alive and well and fully polygonal.
    news article 05 Oct 2005 by Rahul  -7  no new comments discusss permalink permalink

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Final Fantasy V Advance box
November 6, 2006


Final Fantasy V Advance box
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