March 28, 2008, Square Haven has ceased updates indefinitely. What you see below is an archived version.

Nintendo DS game index

Archaic Sealed HeatStrategy10/04/07Japan
Children of ManaAction RPG10/30/06USA
Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket SlimeAction/Adventure09/19/06USA
Dragon Quest IVTraditional RPG11/27/07Japan
Dragon Quest IXTraditional RPGTBA 2008Japan
Dragon Quest Monsters: JokerTraditional RPG11/06/07USA
Dragon Quest VunspecifiedSpring 2008Japan
Dragon Quest VIunspecifiedJapan
DS de Classic KiitemimasenkaDS Style07/05/07Japan
Egg Monster Herounspecified03/24/05Japan
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of FatesRPG08/24/07USA
Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo TalesAdventure04/03/07USA
Final Fantasy IIITraditional RPG11/06/06USA
Final Fantasy IVTraditional RPG12/20/07Japan
Final Fantasy Tactics: The Sealed GrimoireStrategy10/25/07Japan
Final Fantasy XII: Revenant WingsTraditional RPG11/20/07USA
Front MissionStrategy10/23/07USA
Front Mission 2089: Border of MadnessStrategyTBAJapan
Fullmetal Alchemist: Dual SympathyAction12/15/06USA
Hana Saku DS Gardening LifeDS Style07/05/07Japan
Heroes of ManaReal Time Strategy09/14/07USA
Itadaki Street DSBoard Game06/21/07Japan
Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Daysunspecified2008Japan
Mario Hoops 3 on 3Mario Sports09/11/06USA
The World Ends With YouTouch Action RPG2008USA
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