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Children of Mana

Square Enix
Action RPG
Seiken Densetsu
  • October 30, 2006
  • March 2, 2006
  • January 12, 2007
A- 5 total ratings
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Children of Mana News

  • An E3 2006 approaches. Command?
    e3.gifSquare Enix's lineup for this year has 14 HP and a lot of mana to spare. Oh, and there's a new title for Seiken Densetsu IV... Link
    news article 24 Apr 2006 by Rahul  -49  no new comments discusss permalink permalink
  • World of Mana production team details emerge
    worldofmana.pngMasato Kato (Chrono Cross) returns to Square Enix for a try at the helm of World of Mana Full Article
    news article 03 Oct 2005 by Rahul  12  no new comments discusss permalink permalink
  • Square Enix reveals Seiken Densetsu DS: Children of Mana and Seiken Densetsu 4
    sd4.pngSo there we go, polymorphism? swerves back into full swing with the arrival of what's presumably the World of Mana brand: a new issue of Weekly Jump reveals that Seiken Densetsu DS is known as "Children of Mana", and that there's also a true sequel on the way to some unannounced main console (presumably this-gen, so PS2 or GC). While Children of Mana is to be a 2d action-RPG in a similar vein to previous entries into the series, the sole screenshot of SD4 depicts a fully 3d world more reminiscent of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, which was pretty Mana-esque to begin with. Children of Mana will hit the DS winter 2006 in Japan (a year to go, yes), and SD4 has no release date. Yet. Gamefront
    news article 28 Sep 2005 by Rahul  -44  no new comments discusss permalink permalink
  • World of Mana confirmed as polymorphic multi-genre outing
    worldofmana.pngWhile this much was pretty obvious from the start, World of Mana will in fact be a new franchise based on the revisitation of the universe crafted with the Mana series previously. "The Legend Lives On. Epic new tales in the Mana series are in the midst of being spun. From past to present, and on to the future, the Mana series continues to evolve. Glimpse the many facets of the World of Mana through a multitude of platforms -- glimpses that will soon unfold into an unforgettable fantasy experience. The day you can next step into the world of Mana is drawing near." -- multiplatform, several genres, and probably with online support in some fashion. Aside from the already announced Seiken Densetsu DS, however, platforms for the franchise ar up in the air. IGN
    news article 30 July 2005 by Rahul  21  no new comments discusss permalink permalink
  • World of Mana unveiling set for E3?
    worldofmana.pngGamefront makes note of a recent new US patent by Square Enix in the form of World of Mana, which is presumably either the new Mana game we reported on last year, or perhaps Seiken Densetsu DS, which was confirmed earlier this year. Either way, as E3 is only weeks away, it's safe to assume we'll find out which one it is soon enough.
    news article 18 Apr 2005 by Rahul  48  no new comments discusss permalink permalink
  • New Mana, Crystal Chronicles titles confirmed for Nintendo DS
    crystal.gifThe list of new titles to be brought to the Nintendo DS after its release includes a substantial contribution from Square Enix, with 4 titles listed as being under development for the system alongside previously announced Egg Monster Heroes. Besides a new iteration of Dragon Quest Monsters and Slime Morimori Dragon Quest, two titles I'm sure you're about as interested in as protracting athlete's foot, the system will be graced with the presence of a new Mana title, something we previously suspected as being under development, and a new Crystal Chronicles, which was more or less announced at E3 anyway. So ends this news article that may just as well have consisted solely of the title. Sigh.
    news article 02 Aug 2004 by Rahul  60  no new comments discusss permalink permalink
  • New Mana title in the works
    Sword o` ManaA job opening on the Square Enix website requesting, amongst others, an Art Director and Character Model Designer to work on a new Seiken Densetsu project alludes to an upcoming announcement of a new game in the Mana series, presumably for a platform that supports 3d (why else would you need a model designer). Here's some production artwork shown to give applying artists an idea of what they're looking for. Square Enix
    news article 02 July 2004 by Rahul  87  no new comments discusss permalink permalink
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