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Mario Hoops 3 on 3

Square Enix
Mario Sports
  • September 11, 2006
  • July 27, 2006
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Mario Hoops 3 on 3 News

  • Mario Basket 3 on 3 as first Square Enix Mario game since Super Mario RPG
    mariokart.gifSo yeah, the really funky announcement is Mario Basket 3 on 3, a fully WiFi online 3d DS sports game akin to Super Mario Strikers or the numerous Tennis/Baseball/etc variations we've seen on Gamecube and previous platforms. Except this one is developed by Square Enix and published by Nintendo, guaranteeing any of the following: 1) it looks fucking sexy; 2) it's the first Square Enix usage of the Mario mascot since Super Mario RPG, which is a pretty good thing if you ask me; 3) it's wonderfully insane, and we at Square Haven approve of insanity.
    news article 05 Oct 2005 by Rahul  -1  no new comments discusss permalink permalink
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