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Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII

Square Enix
Action RPG
Final Fantasy VII
  • March 25, 2008
  • August 2, 2007
  • 2008
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Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII media

5 pre-release Crisis Core scans source: Jeuxfrance 09/11/07
A montage of Crisis Core screens source: Square Enix 09/07/07
A couple of Crisis Core Japanese street advertisements source: RPGamer 09/07/07
9 clean Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII screens source: Jeuxfrance 09/03/07
5 Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII pre-release scans source: Jeuxfrance 08/30/07
A Crisis Core: Final fantasy VII Japanese Billboard source: NeoGAF Forums 08/23/07
Six Shonen Jump Crisis Core scans source: Jeux France 08/19/07
8 Crisis Core battle and character scans source: Jeuxfrance 07/21/07
Final Fantasy VII 10th Anniversary Edition goodies (potion included!) source: GAME Watch 07/20/07
1 Crisis Core scan featuring Yuffie source: For the Reunion 06/20/07
A shot of the Crisis Core potion source: Jeuxfrance 06/14/07
4 Crisis Core character scans source: Jeuxfrance 06/14/07
4 summary (and detailed) Crisis Core scans source: Jeuxfrance 03/07/07
14 Crisis Core combat and cutscene scans source: Jeuxfrance 12/30/06
Tokyo Game Show screens source: The Magic Box 12/18/06
8 game scans source: Famitsu 05/21/06
2 E3 screens source: Square Enix 05/08/06
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