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Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions

Square Enix
Ivalice Alliance
  • October 9, 2007
  • May 10, 2007
  • October 5, 2007
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Final Fantasy Tactics Weapons (Page 1)

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Ninja Swords
Knight Swords
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Knives top
Sq Ch Kn Ar Mk WM BM TM Su Th
Or Or Ge Dr Sa Nj Ar Bd Dc DK
  Name Atk Ev% Cost Bonus
For self-defense.  Although blade is longer than a knife, attack power isn't very high. Dagger 3 5 100  
Knife made with mythril, a high-quality metal suitable for weapons and protective equipment.  Sturdy and easy to handle. Mythril Knife 4 5 500  
Knife covered with a chemical.  The chemical has a blinding effect. Blind Knife 4 5 800 Add: Darkness
Knife used to battle sorcerers.  Mutes target. Mage Masher 4 5 1500 Add: Silence
Knife of mythril and platinum.  Has a white, shiny blade. Platinum Dagger 5 10 1800  
Dagger for attacking and defending.  High percentage of evading attacks. Main Gauche 6 40 3000  
Knife made with a hard, special metal.  Lightweight and sharp. Orichalcum 7 5 4000  
Dagger used to assassinate. Assassin Dagger 7 5 5000 Add: Death Sentence
Knife with a curvy edge.  Vacuum made by shape of blade increases power. Air Knife 10 5 8000 Wind elemental
Knife made in cutlery capital. Zorlin Shape 12 10 12000 Add: Sleep

Ninja Swords top
Sq Ch Kn Ar Mk WM BM TM Su Th
Or Or Ge Dr Sa Nj Ar Bd Dc DK
2 hands 2-swords
  Name Atk Ev% Cost Bonus
A sword for concealment.  Shorter than standard sword. Hidden Knife 8 5 3000  
Multi-purpose weapon for ninja.  Can be used as a ninja sword. Ninja Knife 9 5 5000  
Lightweight sword with short blade.  Easy to carry. Short Edge 10 5 7000  
A sword used by ninja.  Good for battles as blade is longer than regular ninja sword. Ninja Edge 12 5 10000  
Sword that seals target's actions. Spell Edge 13 5 16000 Add: Don't Act
A legendary ninja sword. Sasuke Knife 14 15 --  
Superb ninja sword used by secret group. Iga Knife 15 10 --  
Powerful ninja sword used by secret group. Koga Knife 15 5 --  

Swords top
Sq Ch Kn Ar Mk WM BM TM Su Th
Or Or Ge Dr Sa Nj Ar Bd Dc DK
2 hands 2-swords
  Name Atk Ev% Cost Bonus
Wide blade used for slaying.  Cheap, ordinary sword, low attack power. Broad Sword 4 5 200  
Double-edged sword, sharp and straight.  Ordinary sword used for slaying and stabbing. Long Sword 5 10 500  
Iron sword.  Extremely heavy, but with a wide, sturdy blade. Iron Sword 6 5 900  
Sword of mythril, a special type of metal.  Extremely light and shiny. Mythril Sword 7 8 1600  
Sword with magenta blade.  Bloody-looking blade symbolizes its gruesome effects. Blood Sword 8 5 2500  
Single-edged sword with coral design. Coral Sword 8 5 3300 Lightning elemental
Sword made by ancient methods. Ancient Sword 9 5 5000 Add: Don't Move
Wide-blade sword with jet-black design. Sleep Sword 9 5 5000 Add: Sleep
Shiny sword of platinum and mythril.  The wide edge cuts extremely well. Platinum Sword 12 10 11000  
Sword with small diamond in the blade.  Slices enemies up. Diamond Sword 10 10 8000  
Sword as clear as ice. Ice Brand 13 10 14000 Ice elemental; Magic: Ice 2
Sword with ancient engravings. Rune Blade 14 15 20000 AT Magic +2
Ebony sword from the Apocalypse. Nagrarock 1 50 -- Add: Frog
Foreigner's sword. Materia Blade 10 10 --  

Knight Swords top
Sq Ch Kn Ar Mk WM BM TM Su Th
Or Or Ge Dr Sa Nj Ar Bd Dc DK
2 hands 2-swords
  Name Atk Ev% Cost Bonus
Wide steel knight sword.  Rounded tip on the hilt has a gem inside. Defender 16 60 40000  
Knight sword given as a symbol of one's loyalty. Save the Queen 18 30 -- Always: Protect
Legendary knight sword.  Sword of a true king. Excalibur 21 35 -- Always: Haste; Absorb: Holy; Strength: Holy
Knight sword from the Apocalypse. Ragnarok 24 20 -- Always: Shell
Holy knight sword said to be from God. Chaos Blade 40 20 -- Always: Regen; Add: Petrify

Katana top
Sq Ch Kn Ar Mk WM BM TM Su Th
Or Or Ge Dr Sa Nj Ar Bd Dc DK
2 hands 2-swords
  Name Atk Ev% Cost Bonus
Bright, white sword. Asura Knife 7 15 1600  
Sword with tiger engraved on blade. Koutetsu Knife 8 15 3000  
High-quality iron sand sword.  Hand-made by Osafune. Bizen Boat 9 15 5000  
A peculiar sword.  Causes much bloodshed in battle with its sharp edge. Murasame 10 15 7000  
Replica of sword from a dragon's tail that damaged a samurai kingdom. Heaven's Cloud 11 15 8000  
Well-made, famous sword.  Beautiful and cuts extremely well. Kiyomori 12 15 10000  
Peculiar sword that sucks large amounts of blood. Muramasa 14 15 15000  
Chrysanthemum crested sword. Kikuichimoji 15 15 22000  
Beautifully designed sword and case.  Masterpiece of a famous swordmaker. Masamune 18 15 --  
Chirijiraden ornamental sword, made with delicate craftsmanship. Chirijiraden 25 15 --  

Axes top
Sq Ch Kn Ar Mk WM BM TM Su Th
Or Or Ge Dr Sa Nj Ar Bd Dc DK
2 hands only
  Name Atk Cost Bonus
Ornamental battle axe.  Slash enemy by hurling it with both hands. Battle Axe 9 1500  
Axe with huge head.  A larger version of a typical axe. Giant Axe 12 4000  
Axe that slows target.  Destruction level is also high. Slasher 16 12000 Add: Slow
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