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Valkyrie Profile Lenneth

Traditional RPG
  • July 18, 2006
  • March 2, 2006
A- 6 total ratings
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A mere remake of the original, with extras. Now with extra movies and 16:9 screen ratio!

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  • Festa preps Japan for Silmeria
    vp_silmeria.JPGWith the approaching release of Valkyrie Profile Silmeria, Square Enix's Tokyo "Valkyrie Festa 2006" was an exciting event for many Valkyrie fans. In addition to taking the title for a spin and mindlessly throwing away their yen on merchandise, attendees also received the opportunity to glance firsthand at the costumes used in Silmeria's commercials and listen to the game's producer and voice cast hint at Lenneth's appearance in this Valkyrie Profile sequel. Finally, Motoi Sakuraba descended from his mountaintop enclave to perform fourteen songs of his very own composition live. Bet you wish you were there. Valkyrie Profile: Silmeria releases June 22 in Japan. Famitsu
    news article 06 June 2006 by Ziyad  1  no new comments discusss permalink permalink
  • An E3 2006 approaches. Command?
    e3.gifSquare Enix's lineup for this year has 14 HP and a lot of mana to spare. Oh, and there's a new title for Seiken Densetsu IV... Link
    news article 24 Apr 2006 by Rahul  -49  no new comments discusss permalink permalink
  • Sakuraba to stage Valkyrie concert
    sakuraba.JPGYou won't be hearing any Wagner at Roppongi's Laforet Museum this June 4th, but fans of Tri-Ace are in for a treat. Famed composer Motoi Sakuraba will be holding a concert to celebrate the impending release of Valkyrie Profile Silmeria. The concert's instrumentation will consist of only a bass, drums, and piano (the latter performed by Sakuraba himself) and will feature music not only from Valkyrie Profile and Silmeria, but also the Star Ocean series as well. Tickets will be available tomorrow at Square Enix's official site; Valkyrie Profile Silmeria releases June 22nd in Japan. Famitsu
    news article 01 Apr 2006 by Ziyad  -12  no new comments discusss permalink permalink
  • Valkyrie Profile titles patented in US; ports to follow?
    vp_lenneth.bmpAccording to German GameFront, Square Enix has registered both Valkyrie Profile Lenneth and Valkyrie Profile Silmeria with the United States Patent Office. While this action is not necessarily a sure indicator, it certainly makes apparent Square Enix's interest to localize both titles for an English-speaking audience. Valkyrie Profile Lenneth has already released in Japan and Valkyrie Profile Silmeria currently holds a June 22nd Japanese release date. GameFront
    news article 05 Mar 2006 by Ziyad  -2  no new comments discusss permalink permalink

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imagename & role
Hiroya HatsushibaHiroya Hatsushiba
Sound designer
Motoi SakurabaMotoi Sakuraba
Yo YoshinariYo Yoshinari
Character design
Yoshiharu GotandaYoshiharu Gotanda
Yoshinori YamazakiYoshinori Yamazaki
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North America

Valkyrie Profile Lenneth box
PS Portable
Square Enix
July 18, 2006


Valkyrie Profile Lenneth box
PS Portable
Square Enix
March 2, 2006


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