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Ambrosia Odyssey

Square Enix
  • 2006
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Ambrosia Odyssey overview

Ambrosia Odyssey synopsis

Action RPG Ambrosia Odyssey features a multiple branching storyline where you construct entire towns and foster their development - and histories. Go online and share these minature worlds with others, while experiencing those of their crafting. The game is being developed by Rocket Studio, KAI Graphics and Supersweep while being published by Square Enix.


  • First info on Ambrosia Odyssey available
    AMBROSIA OMFGODYSSEYThe latest edition of Famitsu reveals first details on Ambrosia Odyssey, an action RPG with both offline and online play. Apparently, the offline game will offer full-fledged gameplay where you can build your own towns replete with their own story and history while following a branching storyline. When you go online, you can visit other players\' towns and experience their stories and histories. Developed by Rocket Studio, KAI Graphics and Supersweep with supervision by Goi of Production Studio 10 (who worked on the game version of Junkmetal), Ambrosia Odyssey has no release date yet and suffered delays in its beta testing procedure.
    news article 27 Apr 2004 by Rahul  38  no new comments discusss permalink permalink
  • Square Enix strategy meeting this week?
    like the nintendo joyspot, squenix intends to rename playonline to Gamefront is reporting that there are rumors of a strategy meeting being held later this week in which the release date for Final Fantasy XII will be discussed, as well as the future of PlayOnline, information on Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children's release media, alpha tests for Ambrosia Odyssey, and a new project from Star Ocean 3 developers tri-Ace, which could possibly be a new Valkyrie Profile title. Gamefront emphasises that this news is unconfirmed, however, so don't get your hopes up. Gamefront
    news article 18 Apr 2004 by Rahul  -30  no new comments discusss permalink permalink

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