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Final Fantasy X-2

Traditional RPG
Final Fantasy
  • November 18, 2003
  • March 13, 2003
  • February 20, 2004
B+ 119 total ratings
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Final Fantasy X-2 media

Yoshitaka Amano artwork source: RPGFan 11/08/03
Zippo lighter and figurines source: 04/27/03
1:10 scale Yuna doll   04/02/03
Animal trainer costumes source: Square 03/08/03
Lenne artwork (with 2x 1024×768 wallpaper) source: Square 03/08/03
character scan of Ren   03/02/03
New job classes and costumes source: Square 02/23/03
Official Paine artwork source: Square 12/20/02
Rikku CG artwork source: 11/25/02
Le Blanc screens and artwork source: 11/25/02
V-Jump magazine scans source: Quiter 11/17/02
21 in-game screen shots source: Gameforms 10/22/02
Pretty Yuna CG render source: 10/22/02
2 Quiter scans with artwork and screens source: Quiter 10/18/02
TGS teaser image source: 09/21/02
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