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  • December 17, 2001
  • July 19, 2001
  • May 24, 2002
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Monster Arena Guide

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written by Christine Bomke with HTML and additions by BahaMatt

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Table of Contents

  1. Version History
  2. Foreword / Contact Information
  3. General Strategies / Leveling Up
    1. Monster Arena Overview
    2. Suggested Abilities and Equipment
    3. Leveling Up
  4. Normal Monster Price List
  5. Monster Arena Bestiary
    1. Area Creations
      1. Besaid Island: Stratavis
      2. Kilika Forest: Malboro Menace
      3. Mi'ihen Highroad: Kottos
      4. Mushroom Rock Road: Coeurlregina
      5. Djose Highroad / Moonflow: Jormungand
      6. Thunder Plains: Cactuar King
      7. Macalania Forest and Snowfield: Espada
      8. Sanubia Desert: Abyss Worm
      9. Calm Lands: Chimerageist
      10. Cavern of the Stolen Fayth: Don Tonberry
      11. Mt. Gagazet / Gagazet Cavern / Zanarkand Ruins: Catoblepas
      12. Inside Sin: Abadon
      13. Omega Ruins: Vorban
    2. Species Creations
      1. Wolves: Fenrir
      2. Lizards: Ornitholestes
      3. Birds: Pteryx
      4. Insects: Hornet
      5. Floating Wizards: Vidatu
      6. Eyeballs: One-Eye
      7. Flans: Jumbo Flan
      8. Elements: Nega Elemental
      9. Armored Moles: Tanket
      10. Dragons: Fafnir
      11. Fungus: Sleep Sprout
      12. Bombs: Bomb King
      13. Horned: Juggernaut
      14. Iron Giants: Ironclad
    3. Original Creations
      1. Earth Eater
      2. Greater Sphere
      3. Catastrophe
      4. Th'uban
      5. Neslug
      6. Ultima Buster
      7. Shinryu
      8. Nemesis (Omega Gold)
  6. Zen, and the art of Encountering Rare Monsters
  7. Frequently Asked Questions
    1. Where can I find [name of monster]? They're so rare!
    2. What about Land Worms?
    3. Which monsters appear in more than one area, and which area do they count towards when I capture them?
    4. What is this "Passado" trick you keep mentioning?
    5. What is the purpose of the Mark of Conquest?
    6. Is there a difference between the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth and the Sunken Cave?
    7. I don't like your strategy, nyah nyah. Why don't you write a different one?
    8. What is the Sphere Distiller trick?
    9. What do Reppageki, Bushinzan, and Shinryudan mean?
    10. Am I missing out on anything if I don't fight Chimerageist on my first visit to the Calm Lands?
    11. What about other bosses? Is there a benefit to fighting them immediately after unlocking them?
    12. I supposedly completed all of the requirements to unlock Nemesis, and he's still not on the list! Why?
    13. I'm playing an NSG (No Sphere Grid) game, can I still make good use of the Monster Arena?
    14. Are there any significant Monster Arena changes between the original Japanese release, the US release, and the "International"/PAL release?
    15. Were there any original boss designs for the Monster Arena?
    16. What's in the treasure chest in front of the Monster Arena, and how do I open it?
    17. Does Zanmato work on Monster Arena bosses?
  8. Thanks, Acknowledgements, Shameless Plugs

« Table of Contents Version History »

All data, HTML is copyright Christine Bomke and Square Haven. You do not have permission to copy this data for any reason other than personal use. Data based on Christine Bomke's Monster Arena FAQ, © 2001, 2002 Christine Bomke. I don't advise that you copy this as CB has a skinny boyfriend named Matt but he just looks skinny and he's really not skinny and he will probably kick your butt if you copy this guide because he get's offended when you do stuff like that. probably.
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