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Final Fantasy
  • December 17, 2001
  • July 19, 2001
  • May 24, 2002
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Monster Arena Bestiary

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Earth Eatercost
15,000 gil
HP (overkill)AP (overkill)stealdrop
1,300,000 (99,999)50,000 (50,000)Gambler's Spirit Fortune Sphere 
  Level 1 Key Sphere Dark Matter 
powerdefensemag. powermag. defensespeedevade %
dropped weaponsDropped armor# of slots
· Triple Overdrive · Auto Potion3-4
# of abilities
When standing upright, the Earth Eater will attack (AND counterattack) with Megaton Punch, which inflicts Death on one character if the damage doesn't kill them outright. Deathproof armor and Protect status will help tremendously. If you do enough damage to the Earth Eater cumulatively or all at once, you'll knock it on its back - I believe something in the neighborhood of 100,000 damage is required to knock the Earth Eater down. When it is on its back, it cannot attack you, or do anything except roll back and forth looking pitiful... unless you attack it, which will net you an automatic Flare counterattack directed at a random character. Luckily this Flare does not break the damage limit, in other words, 9999 damage is the most that it can do, but this is still quite punishing at low levels. Cast Shell on your party while the Earth Eater is trying to pick itself up to halve the Flare damage.
conditionsprize for unlocking
Capture the nescessary number of monsters to conquer 2 areas.Three Stars x60

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Monster Properties


Amount of gil you have to pay to fight this monster.


Amount of hit points the enemy holds. Overkill HP is denoted in (parentheses). Strike the enemy with this value or greater and earn an overkill.


Amount of AP earned after battle. Overkill AP is denoted in parentheses. Strike the enemy with an overkill and earn the specified AP.


Items Stolen or Mugged from the enemy. Italicized items are rare items. Your character can always steal rare items if he is equipped with the Master Thief or Pickpocket armor attribute.


Items dropped by the enemy after battle. Italicized items are rare items. Increase your chances of receiving rare items by upping your party's Luck attribute.

elemental properties

Absorb: The enemy absorbs this element.
Null: The element has no effect.
1/2: The element strikes at 50% strength.
1.5x: The element strikes at 150% strength.
N/A: The element strikes at normal strength.

dropped equipment

The enemy periodically drops weapons and armor with the denoted auto attributes and the denoted number of slots and abilities.

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