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Final Fantasy X

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Final Fantasy
  • December 17, 2001
  • July 19, 2001
  • May 24, 2002
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Monster Arena Bestiary

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15,000 gil
HP (overkill)AP (overkill)stealdrop
2,000,000 (99,999)50,000 (50,000)Gambler's Spirit Wings to Discovery 
  Three Stars Dark Matter 
powerdefensemag. powermag. defensespeedevade %
dropped weaponsDropped armor# of slots
· Double AP · Auto Med2-4
# of abilities
Because this battle takes place underwater, you can only use Tidus, Wakka, and Rikku. Shinryu will counterattack with his claw whenever he is attacked, which does about 8000+ damage to one character with 120 defense, but so long as one of your other party members has :ab:Auto-Phoenix: in their armor, this doesn't matter. Some people recommend killing off Tidus and Rikku, and letting Wakka take care of Shinryu with his Attack Reel Overdrive, because Shinryu won't use Eraser - his infamous petrification and shattering attack - if only one of your party members is alive. Barring that strategy, if your speed is high enough, just cast Hastega, and Quick Hit, Attack Reel, or Blitz Ace him to death. Shinryu's other offenses pale in comparison to Eraser, but they include Shining, which hits all of your party members multiple times for small damage, and a simple claw attack to one character, the same as his claw counterattack. There isn't any pattern to his attacks, and ideally your stats are high enough that you'll be able to kill him within one turn.
conditionsprize for unlocking
Capture at least 2 of each: Splasher, Achelous, and Maelspike from the flooded portion of Gagazet Cavern.Mega Elixir x30

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Monster Properties


Amount of gil you have to pay to fight this monster.


Amount of hit points the enemy holds. Overkill HP is denoted in (parentheses). Strike the enemy with this value or greater and earn an overkill.


Amount of AP earned after battle. Overkill AP is denoted in parentheses. Strike the enemy with an overkill and earn the specified AP.


Items Stolen or Mugged from the enemy. Italicized items are rare items. Your character can always steal rare items if he is equipped with the Master Thief or Pickpocket armor attribute.


Items dropped by the enemy after battle. Italicized items are rare items. Increase your chances of receiving rare items by upping your party's Luck attribute.

elemental properties

Absorb: The enemy absorbs this element.
Null: The element has no effect.
1/2: The element strikes at 50% strength.
1.5x: The element strikes at 150% strength.
N/A: The element strikes at normal strength.

dropped equipment

The enemy periodically drops weapons and armor with the denoted auto attributes and the denoted number of slots and abilities.

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