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Final Fantasy X

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Final Fantasy
  • December 17, 2001
  • July 19, 2001
  • May 24, 2002
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Monster Arena Bestiary

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15,000 gil
HP (overkill)AP (overkill)stealdrop
3,000,000 (99,999)50,000 (50,000)Gambler's Spirit Underdog's Secret 
  Teleport Sphere Dark Matter 
powerdefensemag. powermag. defensespeedevade %
dropped weaponsDropped armor# of slots
· Triple AP
· Triple Overdrive
· HP +10%
· HP +20%
· HP +30%
# of abilities
Fighting Th'uban is lots of fun, if your idea of fun is DYING QUICKLY AND REPEATEDLY. Th'uban annoyingly counterattacks every physical and magical attack with a tail swipe that instantly removes any protective statuses from your whole party, like Regen, Haste, Protect, etc, unless that character has :at:Auto-Regen:, :at:Auto-Haste:, :at:Auto-Protect:, etc, in their armor. He also has a Pulsar Shockwave-esque attack that does 99,999 damage to one character, regardless of defense, and a vicious wing attack called Rainbow, which hits all characters multiple times, on top of cursing them. (Speaking of cursing, that's what I do every time Th'uban kills me. #$@&@*!!!) To defeat Th'uban the legitimate way, you'll probably want to employ Blitz Ace, Attack Reel, Passado, and a little bit of luck. If you don't mind cheating, however, and have lots of patience, there's a dirty trick you can use... Th'uban is vulnerable to Death Sentence. You can sentence him by using Kimahri's Doom Ronso Rage, or a Candle of Life. To ensure that you'll win the battle, keep everyone in :at:Auto-Life: status, and defend for all of the 255 turns that it will take for Death Sentence to automatically kill him. Do NOT attack him while you're Auto-Lifed, otherwise his tail swipe counterattack will remove the Auto-Life, along with any other positive statuses.
conditionsprize for unlocking
Capture the nescessary number of monsters to conquer 6 species.Gambler's Spirit x99

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Monster Properties


Amount of gil you have to pay to fight this monster.


Amount of hit points the enemy holds. Overkill HP is denoted in (parentheses). Strike the enemy with this value or greater and earn an overkill.


Amount of AP earned after battle. Overkill AP is denoted in parentheses. Strike the enemy with an overkill and earn the specified AP.


Items Stolen or Mugged from the enemy. Italicized items are rare items. Your character can always steal rare items if he is equipped with the Master Thief or Pickpocket armor attribute.


Items dropped by the enemy after battle. Italicized items are rare items. Increase your chances of receiving rare items by upping your party's Luck attribute.

elemental properties

Absorb: The enemy absorbs this element.
Null: The element has no effect.
1/2: The element strikes at 50% strength.
1.5x: The element strikes at 150% strength.
N/A: The element strikes at normal strength.

dropped equipment

The enemy periodically drops weapons and armor with the denoted auto attributes and the denoted number of slots and abilities.

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