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Final Fantasy XII Bazaar Goods

Primer | Grimoires | Complete Recipe List

Bazaar Goods Primer

To get the best use out of Final Fantasy XII's Bazaar feature, it's necessary to know when and at what quantity to sell your loot in order to get the best equipment and items. In all, there are 120 individual recipes that make use of 207 different loot items.

Some basic rules of Bazaar goods:

  • You can sell goods at any shop throughout the game.
  • It's not necessary to sell all the loot for a recipe all at once. You can sell the loot in piecemeal and the unlockable good(s) will be revealed after you've sold the last ingredient.
  • Even if you sold more loot than is required for a recipe, once you buy the unlocked good, the loot (ingredients) that you sold is reset to 0. You cannot use that quantity of ingredients for another recipe. However, you can unlock multiple goods at once using the same ingredients. For example, if Recipe A requires Crooked Fang x2 and Recipe B requires Fire Stone x4 and Crooked Fang x2, you only need sell 2 Crooked Fangs and 4 Fire Stones to unlock both recipes if you sell both ingredients at the same time.
  • Some recipes can be unlocked multiple times, but a shop will only carry one package at a time, therefore you will need to buy the package before it can be unlocked again.


Grimoires become available at any Bazaar after a certain criteria is met. Purchasing Grimoires causes certain species of monsters (depending on the individual Grimiore) to drop more loot more frequently, including more rare loot.

Grimoire Price Affected Species Unlock
Hunter's Monograph 18,000 gil Avians, Beasts Complete Thextera hunt, then talk to Gatsly at the Muthru Bazaar in Rabanastre
Knight's Monograph 19,000 gil Giants, Insects Talk to any weapon merchant 30 times
Warmage's Monograph 20,000 gil Undead, Amorphs Read any Hunt Bulletin Board 20 times
Mage's Monograph 21,000 gil Fiends Talk to any magick merchant 25 times
Scholar's Monograph 22,000 gil Constructs Talk to any armor merchant 15 times
Dragoon's Monograph 22,000 gil Dragons, Plants Read any Hunt Bulletin Board 40 times
Sage's Monograph 25,000 gil Elementals Speak to any merchant 100 times
Canopic Jar 250,000 gil All (Allows all monsters to drop Arcana) Sell Phobos Glaze, Horakhty's Flame, and Deimos Clay to any merchant

Complete Bazaar Recipe List

package loot sold unlocked items
Alluring Finery
5,480 gil
Antidote Set
100 gil
Armor-piercing Shot
15,200 gil
Arrows Alight
3,800 gil
Arrows of the Moon Goddess
15,000 gil
Assorted Leathers
680 gil
Attenuated Greatsword
14,000 gil
Back Harness
800 gil
Befuddling Incendiaries
17,800 gil
Black Vestments
22,800 gil
Blindfight Quarrels
11,220 gil
Blush of Light
4,500 gil
Bow & Bodkin
600 gil
Bow of the Moon Goddess
15,800 gil
Brawler's Fetish
5,940 gil
Brilliant Shield
12,420 gil
Burning Blade
4,680 gil
Burning Fangs
980 gil
Burnished Protectives
8,400 gil
Chain-link Belt
17,820 gil
Chronos Tear Pack
333 gil
Comfy Headgear
30,000 gil
Crimson Blade
4,500 gil
Cursed Necklace
15,000 gil
Darksteel Blade
17,800 gil
Devastating Incendiaries
12,000 gil
Double-bladed Knife
13,800 gil
Dragon Crest
65,535 gil
Elegant Pole
12,150 gil
Emboldening Arms
13,780 gil
Engraved Spear
15,300 gil
Esoteric Draught
108,000 gil
Exquisite Ring
14,400 gil
Eye Drop Set
100 gil
Eye Openers
1,280 gil
Feathered Boots
450 gil
Fire-bird's Whisper
2,222 gil
First-aid Kit
450 gil
Flask of Oily Liquid
4,000 gil
Flask of Viscous Liquid
12,000 gil
Forbidding Shield
9,800 gil
Forked Spear
11,250 gil
Gigas Gear
17,800 gil
Gilt Phylactery
3,150 gil
Gilt Shield
270 gil
Golden Battle Axe
16,200 gil
Golden Garb
6,780 gil
Hi-Potion Pack
1,111 gil
Hollow-shaft Arrows
6,280 gil
Huntman's Crossbow
9,980 gil
Iron-forged Blade
1,080 gil
Iron-forged Pole
4,780 gil
Jag-tooth Ninja Sword
9,000 gil
Jewel of Creation
29,997 gil
Jewel of the Serpent
19,998 gil
Large Gloves
4,500 gil
Late-model Rifle
19,800 gil
Life Crystal
9,999 gil
Light & Sturdy Garb
9,800 gil
Light Spear
1,260 gil
Magepower Helm
12,800 gil
Magick Shard
99 gil
Magick Shard
499 gil
Magick Shards
1,480 gil
Marksman's Delight
1,680 gil
Master-crafted Blade
350,000 gil
Matching Reds
4,280 gil
Matchless Steel
29,997 gil
Memories of Yore
999 gil
Monk's Garb
5,480 gil
Morbid Urn
250,000 gil
9,080 gil
Mysterious Substance
14,999 gil
Mystic Staff
7,200 gil
Nature's Armory
24,650 gil
Ninja Footgear
450 gil
Ninja Garb
8,330 gil
Noisome Incendiaries
9,800 gil
Oil-Soaked Incendiaries
10,625 gil
Permafrost Bow & Quiver
17,200 gil
Phials & Philtres
1,980 gil
Phoenix Flight
8,750 gil
Piercing Bolts
15,000 gil
Platinum Gear
19,120 gil
Potion Crate
7,480 gil
Potion Pack
70 gil
Rain of Tears
2,980 gil
Ranger's Crossbow
6,480 gil
Saint's Draught
36,000 gil
Samurai's Katana
13,800 gil
Scout's Crossbow
17,800 gil
Serpent Blade
15,200 gil
Shell-worked Collar
8,370 gil
Shoes of the Dead
450 gil
Silver Bow
60,000 gil
Sipping Wine
240 gil
Smelling Salts
540 gil
Soul of the Fire-bird
5,980 gil
Stone Shot
15,000 gil
Sturdy Battle Gear
14,800 gil
Survival Set
1,500 gil
Tail of the Phoenix
400 gil
The Leering Blade
14,800 gil
The Scorpion
60,000 gil
The Sunflower
600,000 gil
Tinctures & Tonics
700 gil
Traveler's Garb
3,280 gil
Triage Kit
2,980 gil
Ultimate Blade
22,800 gil
Unassuming Surcoat
180 gil
Vaccine Pack
999 gil
War Axe
10,350 gil
Warped Blade
11,250 gil
Water-drop Munitions
7,800 gil
Well-forged Blade
21,600 gil
Whisker of the Beast
60,000 gil
White Vestments
22,800 gil
Wind Walkers
18,000 gil
Wing Cord
3,600 gil
Wooden Pole
1,800 gil
X-Potion Pack
4,444 gil
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