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Grandia III

Traditional RPG
  • February 14, 2006
  • August 4, 2005
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True to the core of the Grandia franchise remains Grandia III, as epic and colour-swollen as ever, yet now under the protective wing of Square Enix. Unfortunately, Noriyuki Iwadare still fronts as music man (ugh), but rest assured that the game will feature prominent improvements now that Enix has its foot wedged in the door of fantastical moneymaking.

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  • Square Enix Party 2005 Overview
    squenix.gifIt's been one busy weekend, and a lot to keep straight, so the Haven offers you this less-than-interactive guide to Square Enix Party 2005. Full Article
    news article 01 Aug 2005 by Ziyad  4  no new comments discusss permalink permalink
  • Grandia fights back, but looks a little similar
    grandia3_dunkel.bmpSquare Enix has at long last revealed information concerning Grandia III's battle system, called "initiative points" (doubtless due to poor translation). In battle, a dial appears in the upper left corner, and icons representing characters and enemies spin clockwise until they reach a "Com" line, commands are issued, and they continue to spin until they reach an "Act" line. This is, for those who may remember, a system replicated from the previous Grandia incarnation, and rolled into convenient circular form. Mana Eggs also make an appearance, and when broken will enable stronger spells. Grandia III hits Japan on August 4th. No word yet of a North American release. Official site
    news article 29 July 2005 by Ziyad  -3  no new comments discusss permalink permalink
  • Hey, let's publish some news about Square Enix Party 2005
    squenix2.gifSo apparently there's some new news regarding the upcoming Square Enix Party 2005, which is set to occur July 30-31 somewhere in Japan. Final Fantasy XII will be there. That fact alone virtually warrants coverage! The details
    news article 06 July 2005 by Rahul  -36  no new comments discusss permalink permalink
  • Sounds of Grandia unveiled
    grandia3_miranda.bmpAccording to Square Enix, the theme song to Grandia III, entitled "In the Sky", will be sung by female artist "Miz" in what is essentially a re-recording into Japanese. In addition, a number of voice actors have been confirmed for the upcoming action-RPG: Masaya Matsukaze (Yuuki), Haruka Kinami (Alfina), Takeru Shibaki (Ull), Sayaka Yoshino (Dahna), Ayaka Maeda, Takashi Hagino (Emelious), Shinji Kasahara, Chieko Baishou (Holy Beast), Shingo Katsurayama (Alonso) and Mayumi Wakamura (Miranda). Grandia III releases August 4th in Japan. Famitsu
    news article 24 June 2005 by Ziyad  61  no new comments discusss permalink permalink

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Grandia III box
February 14, 2006


Grandia III box
August 4, 2005


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