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Final Fantasy Tactics

Tactical RPG
Final Fantasy
  • 27 January, 1998
  • 20 June, 1997
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Final Fantasy Tactics Story

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Chapter 2
The Manipulator and the Subservient

Delita and Wiegraf join the Shrine Knights of the Glabados Church, bodyguards of the High Priest, Marge Funeral. This indicates, to a degree, the church's appeal to commoners.

Ramza becomes a mercenary, disassociating himself with the Hokuten and the Beoulve name. He adopts the surname "Ruglia" to conceal his true identity, which only Gafgarion knows (other than Ramza's siblings and Delita, naturally). He is part of a mercenary group hired by the Hokuten, led by Gafgarion (also including Rad), to protect Ovelia.

Minister Gelwan, one of Goltana's top aides, secretly joins Larg and Ruvelia in opposing Goltana.

Larg and Dycedarg concoct a scheme to "kidnap" and kill Ovelia using criminals dressed as Nanten troops in an attempt to frame Goltana. While the disguised kidnappers storm Orbonne Monastery from the front, distracting Ovelia's bodyguards, another person will actually commit the kidnapping. The mercenaries are a liability should one of them leak information about the plot, which is why they are to be killed (guaranteed with the presence of Gafgarion). Gelwan issues the order to kidnap Princess Ovelia, currently at Orbonne Monastery.

Ovelia, who has emerged as a possible successor to the throne, represents a threat to Larg's rise to power, and Goltana is Larg's main opponent. However, the Murond sect of the Glabados Church discovers Larg's plan. The would-be kidnappers are intercepted and killed.

They found the criminals in the monastery woods--dead. Someone heard of our plan and is trying to stop us...
- Dycedarg, in a discussion with Gafgarion at Igros

They are replaced by the church's own cannon fodder. Delita is assigned to handle the actual kidnapping. When Delita escapes with Ovelia, Gafgarion simply assumes that Delita is the kidnapper designated by Dycedarg.

Vormav Tingel, a Shrine Knight, hires mercenaries in Dorter to kill the party pursuing Ovelia and Delita, comprised of Ramza, Agrias Oaks, Ovelia's bodyguard, and Gafgarion.

Omdolia's death paves the way for Queen Ruvelia to expand her power amid objections to her policies. Ruvelia's opponents are summarily executed or banished, aggravating tensions between Larg's and Goltana's factions.

The Nanten Knights have their own problems with insurrection. A group of ex-knights, the Ryomoku, have incited a massive peasant rebellion in Zeltennia. The Black Sheep, led by Baron Grims, are entirely wiped out attempting to stop the rebels. This provides Delita an avenue to infiltrate the Nanten ranks--as a Black Sheep knight ordered by Baron Grims to rescue Ovelia.

Although there are basic similarities between the Death Corps and Ryomoku, the totality of the Black Sheep's defeat suggests an outside influence guiding the Zeltennia uprising, perhaps Grand Duke Gelkanis Barinten, leader of Fovoham--the Ryomoku may be one of Barinten's various elite mercenary groups. A likely possibility is Barinten leased the Ryomoku's services to the church in exchange for assurance that Barinten will be installed as regent following the deaths of Larg and Goltana. (See Chapter 4.)

The Bart Trading Company, headed by Bart Rudvich, is actually controlled by Cardinal Alphons Draclau, a high-ranking church official and leader of Lionel. The main purpose of Bart is to obtain the Zodiac Stones, part of Funeral's plan to "resurrect" the Zodiac Braves in order to increase the church's popularity among commoners (many of whom accept the Zodiac Brave Legend at face value).

However, Vormav and Draclau are actually Hashmalum and Queklain, respectively, two of the dreaded Lucavi of the Zodiac Brave Legend. Their true aim is to revive the Lucavi using the Zodiac Stones and resurrect St. Ajora eventually, patron saint of Ivalice who is now the "Magic God" of legend. Controlling the church is an extremely convenient way of accomplishing these lofty goals. The real Vormav and Draclau were most likely possessed prior to the events that take place in FFT.

Draclau and Gafgarion, representing Dycedarg's interests, negotiate an agreement to let the Cardinal use Ovelia to get the Taurus Zodiac Stone from Mustadio Bunanza, currently with Ramza. Draclau explains that Gafgarion will also be able to "get rid of those who know about the kidnapping," namely Ramza and Agrias. Thus, a rumor is spread that Ovelia will be executed at the Golgorand Execution Site. The woman whom Gafgarion refers to as "perfect bait" is Agrias, who, when rescued by Ramza, will direct Ramza to Golgorand, right into the trap. Draclau claims that Ovelia will be returned to Dycedarg. Instead, Ovelia continues to be detained at Lionel.

According to Vormav at Lionel, the "real" Ovelia, direct descendant of King Denamunda II, died, leaving Ruvelia (then a Princess) to take the throne eventually. To prevent this, the senators who opposed Ruvelia had her two sons killed, making the deaths appear to be a result of illness. In addition, they adopted and raised the fake Ovelia in secret until the time came when Ovelia could wrest control from Ruvelia. However, the birth of Orinas ruined the senators' scheme.

While Ovelia will not be killed, the church's intention is to have Ovelia delivered to Goltana via Delita. With Ovelia alive as evidence, Goltana will be compelled to clear his name by accusing Ruvelia of the kidnapping scheme and installing Ovelia as ruler of Ivalice. This will inevitably aggravate tensions between Larg and Goltana to the breaking point (war). With both the Hokuten and Nanten at war, the people's confidence in their leaders will deterioriate.
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