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Final Fantasy VII

Traditional RPG
Final Fantasy
  • September 7, 1997
  • October 2, 1997
  • November 4, 1997
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Final Fantasy VII Characters

Aeris Gainsborough
Age Height Birthdate Birthplace
22 5' 3" Feb 27 unknown

Young, beautiful Aeris is a Midgarian flower merchant. She met Cloud for the first time in Midgar and has since taken interest to the deepening love triangle between herself, Cloud, and Tifa. She is as quiet as she is charming and is the key to the mysteries of the world.

Aeris' strength in battle is her magic ability. Where as her magic power is high, her attack and defense is low. Aeris will best serve your party in the back row away from harm.

limit breaks

L e v e l   O n e
Healing Wind
A Healing Wind recovers a small amount of HP of all party members
Seal Evil
Casts a spell on enemies that causes Stop and Silence

L e v e l   T w o
Breath of Earth
Party is healed of abnormal status effects by protruding beams of light
Fury Brand
Aeris brings all party members instantly to their limit breaks with Fury Brand

L e v e l   T h r e e
Planet Protector
Aeris casts a barrier around the party, rendering them temporarily invincible
Pulse of Life
Aeris restores the entire party of missing HP and MP as well as banishing any abnormal status effects

L e v e l   Four
Great Gospel
Aeris cures the entire party as well as casts a temporary invincibility barrier around the party

To acquire Great Gospel you must speak with the man sleeping in the cave near Junon upon fighting a number of battles that that have the same last two digits (655 or 1,277, for example). He'll give you a piece of Mithril that you can exchange for the Great Gospel limit break in the Weapon Master's shack to the east.


Guard Stick  
Growth: Normal Attack: 12 Hit: 99%
Purchase   (Initially equipped) Acquire   N/A

Mythril Rod 370 gil
Growth: Normal Attack: 16 Hit: 100%
Purchase   · Midgar Sector 7
· Wall Market
Acquire   Win after defeating Guard Scorpion in the Sector 1 Reactor

Full Metal Staff 800 gil
Growth: Normal Attack: 22 Hit: 100%
Purchase   · Kalm
· Inner Junon
Acquire   N/A

Wizard Staff 1,800 gil
Growth: Double Attack: 28 Hit: 100%
Purchase   · Inner Junon Acquire   Mt. Corel Railroad Track

Striking Staff 1,300 gil
Growth: Normal Attack: 32 Hit: 100
Purchase   · Inner Junon
· Gongaga
Acquire   Steal from Custom Sweeper outside Midgar

Wiser Staff 3,200 gil
Growth: Normal Attack: 33 Hit: 100
Purchase   · Inner Junon Acquire   Shinra Mansion in Nibelheim

Fairy Tale 2,500 gil
Growth: Double Attack: 37 Hit: 103
Purchase   · Inner Junon Acquire   Cid's House

Prism Staff 2,600 gil
Growth: 40 Attack: 105 Hit:
Purchase   · Cosmo Canyon Acquire   N/A

Aurora Rod 5,800 gil
Growth: Normal Attack: 58 Hit: 110%
Purchase · Wutai Acquire   N/A

Growth: Normal Attack: 58 Hit: 118%
Purchase   · Costa Del Sol Acquire   N/A

Princess Guard  
Growth: None Attack: 52 Hit: 111%
Purchase   · Inner Junon Acquire   Temple of the Ancients
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