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Final Fantasy VII
F.A.Q. and Walkthrough version 1.6
Written by Chris MacDonald with additions and HTML by BahaMatt

Table of Contents

  1. Revision History
  2. Introduction
  3. Disc One Walkthrough
  4. Disc Two Walkthrough
  5. Disc Three Walkthrough
  6. Bonus Areas & The Weapons

3.01 Makoro Power Plant

Items in this area: Potion x3, Phoenix Down, Restore materia, Assault Gun.

At the start of the game, you'll have 3 Potions, a Phoenix Down, and an Ether. You can't equip Materia until after you reach the 7th Heaven bar, by the way.

Once you leave the train, check the body of the closest guard twice to get two Potions. Then head north. You'll be attacked by some guards. Take them out with your sword (you may win a Potion for killing them) and then move left to go outside. Now, talk to your teammates (Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie), then name yourself and Barret. Make your way to the northwestern door, and head up in the next room to enter the heart of the power plant.

Talk to Barret, (who joins you) and then talk to each Avalanche member to open the doors. After opening the second door, head right to enter another chamber with a treasure chest (Phoenix Down). Then, go back and enter the elevator (you'll have to talk to Jessie first). Press the arrow switch to activate it.

Work your way down the stairs and go through the door to the left. Then follow Jessie down the ladder. When she stops, search the area in front of her for a Potion (it's hard to see because of the steam). Climb down, cross the pipes, descend the nearby ladder, and take note of the Save Point before heading down the walkway.

Pick up the Restore materia on the ground in the next area and set the bomb. An alarm will sound and you'll have to fight the boss, a huge scorpion-like machine.

Boss Tips: Guard Scorpion LV: ??   HP: 800   MP: 0

Cloud's Bolt magic works well, while Barret should be attacking. The Search Scope won't damage you, it just warns as to who the boss will attack next. When you've done enough damage, the boss will start to shake and Cloud will warn Barret. From this point onward, don't attack the boss and heal yourself or simply guard until the boss attacks you. If you try to hurt it during this time, the boss responds with a damaging laser ray shot from his tail. A few more hits after it stops shaking and the boss dies. You'll get an Assault Gun when you kill it.

You now have ten minutes to escape from the power plant. You'll need to make your way back to the upside-down T-shaped entrance hall where one of the Avalanche members is waiting. (If you've played the demo disc, know that you don't need to 'search' for the other members; just talk to Jessie to free her and then get out. Since Barret gets a new gun after the battle, be sure to equip it. Also, talk to the other members to open the two doors on your way back.

3.02 Midgar City

Items in this area: Potion

After the Avalanche members blow up the passage, head up the stairs. You'll meet Aeris here, but she won't join you yet. In the next screen, there's a Potion to the southwest of the circular structure (near the lampposts). Walk south when you're done. In this next area, you'll meet up with guards and have the choice of running (bottom choice) or fighting (top choice). After a few more encounters with the Shinra guards, Cloud will jump onto the passing train and run into the Avalanche gang. After talking to them, walk to the 'front' of the screen and you'll jump off into another area. Talk to the people here and one of the members (Jessie) will show you a picture of the Makoro plant on the train's screen. Approach Barret and you'll end up going to the group's base.

3.03 Avalanche Base

Items in this area: 1500 gil, All materia, Ether.

Head west and go upwards. Talk to the kid by the fence, then head west again (there's a Save Point nearby, too). Talk to the people here, then check out the bar. At the top of the tallest building in the south- east is a bedroom. The kid here will let you spend the night for 10 gil.

In the bar, you'll meet Tifa, who is also a member of Avalanche, as well as Marlene, who is supposedly Barret's daughter. After naming Tifa, Barret shows up when you try to leave and reveals the hidden base underneath the bar. After talking to Barret, Tifa shows up. Leave the base and you'll have a short intermission with Tifa. When you meet Barret afterwards, he'll give you 1500 gil. If you go to the Beginner's Hall above the Weapon Shop outside, you can learn more about playing the game. You'll also find that there inside the huge cage. The man in the right corner of this room has a Materia by his feet (All). Take it and a chest will drop down that has an Ether inside of it. If you haven't already noticed, the two buildings that were locked the other day are now open.

When you're ready, go back to the train station to prepare for Avalanche's next mission. If you like, you can go to the far right to enter a train yard, but there's not much of interest there.

3.04 Mako Reactor Number 5

Items in this area: Hi-Potion, Ether x2, Potion, Tent, Titan Bangle.

Board the train. When the timer appears after you talk to Tifa, talk to the homeless man in the back of the screen to get a Phoenix Down. In the second car, talk to the man closest to the 'front' of the screen and pick the top option to get a Hi-Potion. In the third car, a man will walk past you, snicker, and steal from you; follow him and talk to him again to get back the gil he just swiped. Keep going through each train car until Tifa jumps off one of the cars and you and Barret follow her. If this occurs on the last car, talk to the man at the very end to get a Hi-Potion. After jumping off, you'll end up in an underground railroad passageway. If you go south (towards the 'front' of the screen), you'll go through the same screen 5 times before coming to two guards who you can fight. When the battle's over, choose the bottom option to keep fighting or the top option to run away. You can fight the same battle over and over, so when you get tired of fighting, just pick the top option. An OK place to gain some experience, gil, and AP, if you think you'll need it.

Anyway, it's a lot faster to just head north to where the green barrier is and go down the hatch to the west (examine it and choose the top choice twice or the middle option once). Pick up the Ether in the adjoining passage, climb down the two ladders, and talk to Wedge. Then go up the ladder near him to reach a room where Jessie is waiting for you. Take the Potion that's next to her and climb down the ladder on the far left end of the room to reach a chamber where you can find a Tent, a Save Point, and Biggs.

Go up the ladder here to reach the No. 5 Reactor. The room you're in should be familiar. Slide down the pipe and then work your way back to the heart of the plant. After Cloud fiddles with the machinery, go back to the large room and climb up the stairs and into the elevator. It'll take you to a new floor. Grab the contents of the treasure chest outside (Ether) and then head to the left where there are three control panels. You'll need to hit your panel as the same time Barret and Tifa hit theirs (using the O button), so give it a shot. Instead of waiting for them to raise their arms, you'll have an easier time if you time it so that you hit your panel _just_ before they do. You can't use the panel if you didn't go back to the heart of the power plant. Afterwards, go through the opened gate (there's a Save Point here), and head north.

In the T-shaped room, you'll be stopped by a group of guards, and then meet President Shinra. After that, a helicopter and a hydrofoil-like machine show up. The Shinra president leaves in the helicopter, but the huge machine attacks you and your friends.

Boss Tips: Air Buster LV: 15   HP: 1,200   MP: 0
weak against Lightning

This machine turns to face (and attack) whomever hits it. So, if one of your characters is low on life, have the person on the opposite side attack to draw the boss' attention away. Be especially careful of it's Big Bomber--it causes tons of damage (but also increases your Limit meter quickly). Remember that even if it's back is turned, it can use a weak machine gun attack on you. Use potions and the Restore Materia to keep up your HPs and use Bolt as well as your Limit Break attacks to take this machine out. You'll receive a Titan Bangle if you win the battle.

3.05 Sector 5 Slums

Items in this area: 5 gil or Turbo Ether, Potion, Phoenix Down, Cover materia, Ether.

After the battle, the boss will explode, sending Cloud off the walkway in the ensuing blast. When you awake, you'll find yourself in a church. Aeris is here, and you can name her after talking to her several times. Reno shows up afterwards with some guards. In the next room, Aeris falls down while trying to escape with Cloud. Tell her to hold on. You now have the option of fighting the guards using Aeris or trying to bean the guards on the head with barrels on the upper floor (if you miss, you'll have to fight using Aeris anyway). Remember, she starts off in the back row, so to increase damage, make her move up by choosing 'Change' at the start of each battle (do this by pressing left, then the O button).

The correct order of barrels to drop is: the leftmost barrel (in the back), the far right barrel (in the back), and the far right barrel (in the front). Simply tell Aeris to hold on each time, examine each barrel, and choose the top option to drop it. This way, Aeris won't have to fight anybody. When Aeris meets you at the top of the chapel, she'll hook up with Cloud.

In the upper area, climb up the second beam on the left and jump out of the hole in the roof. After you and Aeris make it back to ground level, head left to find a Save Point. To the northwest is a town. Be sure to meet the man in the pipe near the entrance. In one of the houses, you can also find 5 gil if you talk to the drunk man in bed, then examine the drawers nearby, however, if you don't take the gil, he'll give you a Turbo Ether when you return here after Sector 7 is destroyed.

There are several stores here in the slums, including one that sells Materia. To the far, far right is a path that leads to Aeris's house and a garden. You can spend the night here once you've met Elmyra, Aeris' mother. When you wake up, look between the desk and the bed for a Potion and a Phoenix Down. Then, sneak downstairs (or Aeris will make you go back to bed) and leave the house (you can do this by not touching the walls and not running, either). In the lower flower bed to the right, you can get a Cover materia and an Ether. There's another Save Point near Aeris' house if you need to use it.

Leave the town and go left to the hole in the wall. Aeris will be here waiting for you and will rejoin you. In the next location, work your way upward (by going across the hole-filled metal length, then down the iron beams and through the passage, then up the brown pipe and finally down the stairs and heading to the left). After Aeris leaves you at the playground, head east, then go north to arrive at the Wall Market.

3.06 Wall Market

Items in this area: Ether, Phoenix Down, Hyper.

Aeris rejoins you (again) here. There's a Save Point in the upper-right part of the village. The building in the lower left is an inn, where you can spend the night for 10 gil. To the right of it is the entrance to a brothel. The building in the middle has nothing in it but a computer. (If you touch it, a machine gun will fire at you and Cloud jumps away. You can't do anything here until later). Just above that building is an item shop. North of the shop is a sushi bar. Finally, there is a clothing store to the upper left and some sort of pottery store to the upper right. A path by the clothing store leads to another part of town. Here, there is a gym, a restaurant, and a weapon shop. In the northern area lies a large building. If you go east from here, you'll reach a dead-end area.

Your objective in this part of the game is to sneak into the large building where Tifa is being kept. To do this, Cloud will have to dress up as a woman in order to get inside since men aren't allowed into the building. So, follow these steps to get the items you need to 'alter' Cloud's appearance. You may want to read this entire section before starting so that you'll know how your choices will affect the game.

  1. Go to the brothel and talk to the big guy with silver hair who's chatting with the bouncer at the door. Talk to him and pick the first option to inquire about Tifa.

  2. Go back to the building at the end of town (Corneo's mansion) and talk to the guy near the door. Aeris and Cloud will move away and have a short conversation. She tells Cloud that he'll have to dress up if he wants to find out if Tifa's okay.

  3. Return to the first screen, go to the clothing store, and talk to the store owner by standing near the bottom edge of the counter. She'll tell you that you can't get a dress unless you do something about her drunk father.

  4. Go to the bar in the second screen and talk to the lone man by the door. During the conversation, you'll have to make two decisions. So when you're asked a question, pick either the first or second choice. After you're done talking to the man, return to the clothing store.

  5. At the store, you'll see that the man from the inn is now behind the counter. Talk to him and you'll receive an item based upon your decisions:

    • If you answered: first choice, first or second choice, you'll get the Cotton Dress.
    • If you answered: second choice, first choice, you'll be given the Satin Dress.
    • If you answered: second choice, second choice again, he'll give you the Silk Dress.

  6. Cloud will try on the dress, but won't actually wear it. Leave the clothing store and go to the second screen. Enter the gym and converse with the woman (heh) by the fighting ring. When you have the chance, pick the bottom option twice to start fighting, although if you want to practice, you can choose the bottom option, then the top one. Anyway, as soon as the message box disappears, start pressing the S, X, and O buttons repeatedly in that order. The object of the game is to go fast enough to make Cloud do more squats than the African gymnast, but you don't want to press the buttons too fast or Cloud can't keep up. It's not too hard to win since the other guy will often stop to scratch his head, but you only have 30 seconds, so get in as many squats as you can.

    • If you are able to do more squats than the gymnast, you'll be given the Blonde Wig.
    • If you and the gymnast have the same score, the lady will give you the Dyed Wig.
    • If the gymnast does better than you, then the lady will give you the Wig.

    At this point, you can just return to the clothing shop and enter the stall; Cloud will dress up as a woman and you can return to Corneo's mansion to get inside. You can also choose to not change yet and explore more of the Wall Market, picking up items that you can use to make Cloud more 'feminine'. If you're finished, then skip down a ways to find out what to do next. Otherwise, keep reading (these events can be done in any order):

  7. Go to the pottery shop. When you have to choose an answer, pick the top one twice. (You can't talk to him unless you chatted with the guard at the north building). Then go to the inn and pay 10 gil to spend the night. In the middle of the night, you'll find yourself in front of the vending machine in the outer hallway. Pick any option (I hope you have enough gil). The next morning, return to the pottery shop and talk to the man to get an item:

    • If you bought the first item (200 gil), he'll give you the Diamond Tiara.
    • If you bought the second item (100 gil), he'll give you the Ruby Tiara.
    • If you bought the third item (50 gil), he'll give you the Glass Tiara.

    (Note that the dialogue here was changed from the Japanese version, in which you were buying a 'gift' for the shopkeeper's girlfriend that he was too embarrassed to buy Why this was changed, I have no idea.)
  8. Enter the sushi bar and walk past the empty seat. When a message appears, choose the top option. Then choose any option, (you'll need 70 gil), followed by the middle choice ("the food was all right") to get a Pharmacy Coupon. Now go to the item store and talk to the man behind the counter. Choose one of the three options to get an item, then head back to the restaurant. Go to the bathroom and talk to the woman inside. Accept the first choice and:

    • You'll get the Cologne if you traded the Coupon for the Disinfectant.
    • You'll get the Flower Cologne if you traded the Coupon for the Deodorant.
    • You'll get the Sexy Cologne if you traded the Coupon for the Digestive (medicine).

  9. Talk to the large man in the white shirt who's standing near the edge of the screen in the first area to get the Member's Card. He won't give it to you unless you talked to the guard by the door of the Corneo's mansion. Head right to arrive at the brothel. If you talk to the bouncer, he'll let you in once he sees the Card, but Aeris won't come with you (yes, they messed up the dialogue here, too).

    Inside the Honeybee Inn, you'll find that the doors on the right side are locked, but if you chose the bottom option, you can look inside them and peer around using the control pad and the O button. If you look in the upper-right keyhole, you'll see a familiar face...a small version of Cait Sith! If you go to the north room and talk to the farthest girl on the right several times, you can choose the top option to make her dance faster and faster. When you're ready (you better brace yourself), you can do one or the other:

    Examine the lower-left door and pick the top option twice. In the room, talk to the girl and pick the top option three times to take a soak with Mukki and his friends. Answer however you like while in the tub and Cloud will be given the Bikini briefs.

    Or, examine the upper-left door and pick the top option twice. Inside, talk to the ghostly Cloud near the stone tub and Cloud will have a psychotic episode. When you come to, all your HP and MP is restored, thanks to...Mukki :( Talk to him and choose the bottom option. Then talk to the girl and you'll get the Lingerie.

    After getting either item, you can return to the room where all the girls are and one will put makeup on you.

All done? There's nothing left to do now but return to the clothing store and dress up as a woman. When you finish, go to the large building in the north and talk to the man by the food carts again. He'll let you into a posh-looking parlor. Now, go up the stairs and into the door on the far left after talking to the receptionist. Then, go down the staircase to the torture room (!) where you'll find Tifa and an Ether by the smoldering coals. Once she's joined you, head back up the stairs and go into the middle door. Inside is Tifa's kidnapper, the nefarious Don Corneo. He will examine each of you when you try to approach him. Who he picks for his 'friend' is determined by what items you collected in the Wall Market:

  • He'll pick Cloud if you're wearing the Silk Dress, Blonde Wig, and have the 'best' extra items (the Diamond Tiara, Sexy Cologne, and Lingerie or Bikini briefs.
  • He'll pick Aeris if you're wearing the Silk Dress, the Blonde Wig, the Lingerie and the Sexy Cologne (in addition to anything else you may have).
  • He'll pick Tifa if you're wearing the Silk Dress, Blonde Wig, and one or two of the extra items not mentioned above (or anything worse than that).
If Corneo picked Tifa or Aeris, then read below:

In the next room, examine the item bag by the bed to get a Phoenix Down, and talk to the man by the television set after talking to the other henchmen. After revealing your true nature to the love-struck goons, they'll fight you. This is followed by another fight with the other three punks. Afterward, get Aeris from the torture chamber and then go into the middle door again (if Aeris was picked, then you'll meet Tifa when you go outside). When you're through intimidating Corneo, look behind his bed for a Hyper, then stand by your allies. He'll make you choose one of three options. No matter which one you choose, you'll fall through a trapdoor.

If Corneo picked Cloud, then you'll end up in his room. Search behind his bed for a Hyper, then talk to him and answer anyway you like (if you try to make Cloud kiss Corneo, then maybe you need to get out of the house more....^_^;) Your friends will burst in and threaten him (yeowch!) and Corneo will ask you a question; pick any answer you like.

3.07 The Sewers / Train Yard Revisited

Items in this area: Potion x4, Phoenix Down, Steal materia, Hi-Potion x3, Echo Screen, Ether x2.

Once the cut scene with the Shinra flunkies ends, you'll find yourself in a sewer. Before talking to Tifa or Aeris, climb up the stairs to the south and go along the walkway to nab a Potion. When you try to escape, a blue monster appears attacks your party.

Boss Tips: APS LV: 18   HP: 1,800   MP: 0
weak against Fire

His Sewer Tsunami attack hurts all members, so use Potions and the Restore Materia to heal your wounds. Luckily, the Tsunami will damage him, too (he uses this attack as a counterattack before dying if he can manage it). When he does the reverse Sewer Tsunami, it causes less damage to him. Fire spells work the best on him. Use Cloud's Limit Break to harm the boss and use Aeris' Limit Break to heal yourselves. You'll receive a Phoenix Down for winning the battle.

Climb up the ladder and head right. Go down into the sewage, then up the stairs. Grab the Yellow Materia (Steal) and go down the hatch. In the next room, go down the stairs, then climb up the side of the curved structure. Climb up the ladder and you'll go outside. There's a Save Point here. Check out the oil drum nearby by entering the train car (near the Save Point) to get a Hi-Potion. Get another Hi-Potion on the roof of adjacent car, then hop off onto the iron beam and check the oil drum to the north for an Echo Screen. Walk east, then south and enter the nearby train car to get a Potion. Climb up the ladder, head north, and climb down again. Go north once more through the train car, then exit to your left to find a second Potion. Then, go north to arrive at the next screen.

Here, circle left around the car to get a Potion. Circle left again to find an oil can with an Ether inside of it. Go north and enter the train to the right to move the other train car out of the way. Climb atop the formerly blocked car to net a Hi-Potion. Now, ride the other train back backwards, climb onto the eastern train car, jump onto the train you just moved, and climb across it and the last car before going down the ladder to get back to the front part of the Train Graveyard.

Head left. The Avalanche members will be fighting atop the support pillar you first saw when you arrived at the base. After Wedge plummets to the ground, save your game at the Save Point and talk to the man on the left if you need to buy items. Climb up the stairs and you'll meet Barret, who is firing at the Shinra helicopter you saw back at the plant. Reno will jump out, and you'll have to fight him. Good thing Barret joins you. When you inflict enough damage, the boss runs away!

Boss Tips: Reno LV: 17   HP: 1,000   MP: 0

This guy packs a wallop. He can imprison your friends using his golden Pyramid attack, and if he does this to all your members, you lose. To break the pyramids, attack your allies (they won't be damaged). Watch for his spark bolt attack (which can paralyze you) and use your Limit Breaks whenever possible. Ice works well on him. For some players, this may be the first battle they lose! You'll get an Ether for scaring him off should you win.

3.08 Into the Sky

Items in this area: Sense materia, Battery x3, Ether.

After fending off the boss, Tseng will kidnap Aeris (and pimp slap her)! As he escapes, the entire city explodes and f