March 28, 2008, Square Haven has ceased updates indefinitely. What you see below is an archived version.

Super NES game index

ActRaiserAction RPG/ simulationNovember 1991USA
AlcahestAction RPG12/17/93Japan
Bahamut LagoonTraditional RPG02/09/96Japan
Breath of FireTraditional RPGAug 10, 1994USA
Chrono TriggerTraditional RPG09/27/95USA
CT Character LibraryOther08/16/95Japan
CT Jet Bike SpecialRacing08/16/95Japan
CT Music LibraryOther08/16/95Japan
Dragon Quest VTraditional RPG09/27/92Japan
Dragon Quest VITraditional RPG12/09/95Japan
DynamiTracerTraditional RPG1996Japan
Final Fantasy IVTraditional RPG11/04/91USA
Final Fantasy Mystic QuestTraditional RPG1992USA
Final Fantasy VTraditional RPG12/06/92Japan
Final Fantasy VITraditional RPG10/20/94USA
Front MissionStrategy02/24/95Japan
Front Mission: Gun HazardAction RPG02/23/96Japan
Hanjuku Hero 2Strategy12/19/92Japan
Illusion of GaiaAction RPG1994-09-01USA
Live A LiveTraditional RPG09/02/94Japan
Love Is BalanceSimulation1996Japan
Ogre Battle: March of the Black QueenStrategy1991USA
Radical DreamersText Adventure1996Japan
Romancing SaGaTraditional RPG01/28/92Japan
Romancing SaGa 2Traditional RPG12/10/93Japan
Romancing SaGa 3Traditional RPG11/11/95Japan
Rudra's Hidden TreasureTraditional RPG04/05/96Japan
Secret of EvermoreTraditional RPG10/10/95USA
Secret of ManaAction RPG10/93USA
Seiken Densetsu 3Action RPG09/30/95Japan
Soul BlazerAction RPG09/04/1992USA
Star Ocean: Fantastic Space OdysseyAction RPGJuly 19, 1996Japan
Super Mario RPGTraditional RPG05/27/96USA
TerranigmaAction RPG10/20/95Japan
Treasure ConflixAdventure1996Japan
Treasure Hunter GTraditional RPG05/24/96Japan
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