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Front Mission: Gun Hazard

Action RPG
Front Mission
  • 02/23/96
B 2 total ratings
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Front Mission: Gun Hazard News

  • The Pioneers: Junya Nakano
    Junya NakanoJunya Nakano started out as a music composer for Konami's arcade titles and began composing for Square during the 16-bit era. Since then, he has contributed to such soundtracks as Final Fantasy X, Musashi Samurai Legend, and Project Sylpheed. Square Haven takes a look back at the music composer's career thus far, including samples from nine of his game soundtracks chosen by Totz of Square Enix Music Online. The Pioneers
    news article 01 Aug 2007 by Jeriaska  27  no new comments discusss permalink permalink
  • The Pioneers: Masashi Hamauzu
    hamauzu_tn.jpgMasashi Hamauzu is a classically trained musician and vocalist. Inheriting the talents of his father, an opera singer, the composer lent his voice to the chorus of "One Winged Angel" in Final Fantasy VII, and years later was selected to compose music for the game's long-awaited sequel. Here, ten music samples highlight the composer's career thus far, from his interning position at Square on up to his preparations for Final Fantasy XIII. The Pioneers
    news article 05 May 2007 by Jeriaska  -18  no new comments discusss permalink permalink
  • Front Mission sales reach 3 million
    fm5_lin.JPGSquare Enix has announced that the complete sales of its Front Mission series since its debut ten years ago have totalled three million with the release of Front Mission 5. With more than 200,000 copies sold since its December 29th release, this seventeenth installment has successfully secured the longevity of both Front Mission's position in gaming history and Yoichi Wada's pocketbook.
    news article 15 Jan 2006 by Ziyad  -26  no new comments discusss permalink permalink
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