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Seiken Densetsu 3

Action RPG
Seiken Densetsu
  • 30 September, 1995
A- 74 total ratings
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Class Change Items | Seeds | Magic Items | Projectiles | Curative Items | Special Items
Class Change Items top
These items, which enable characters to undergo a second class change, can only be obtained from ??? Seeds. Class change items, which are also usable in battle, are associated with specific final classes.
  Name Cost Effect Final Class
Paladin's Proof Paladin's Proof 405 Casts Saint Saber on all allies. Paladin
Lord's Proof Lord's Proof 405 Casts Heal Light on all allies. Lord
Master's Proof Master's Proof 405 Casts Diamond Saber on all allies. Sword Master
Duelist's Proof Duelist's Proof 405 Casts Dark Saber on all allies. Duelist
Gold Wolf Soul Gold Wolf Soul 405 Casts Aura Wave on one ally. God Hand
Gold Wolf Soul Silver Wolf Soul 405 Casts Leaf Saber on all allies. Warrior Monk
Death Wolf Soul Death Wolf Soul 405 Casts Energy Ball on all allies. Death Hand
Demon Wolf Soul Demon Wolf Soul 405 Casts Moon Saber on all allies. Dervish
Good Luck Die Good Luck Die 405 Casts Life Booster on one ally. Wanderer
Bad Luck Die Bad Luck Die 405   Rogue
Bullseye Die Bullseye Die 405 Casts Katon no Jutsu on all enemies. Ninja Master
Nighteye Die Nighteye Die 405 Casts Raijin no Jutsu on all enemies. Night Blade
Arcane Book Arcane Book 405 Casts Saint Beam on all enemies. Grand Diviner
Book of Secrets Book of Secrets 405 Casts Explode on all enemies. Arch Mage
Book of Runes Book of Runes 405 Casts Death Spell on one enemy. Rune Master
Forbidden Book Forbidden Book 405 Casts Dark Force on all enemies. Magus
Holy Water Vial Holy Water Vial 405 Casts Heal Light on all allies. Bishop
Bottle of Salt Bottle of Salt 405 Casts Tinkle Rain on all allies. Sage
Bottle of Ashes Bottle of Ashes 405 Casts Black Curse on one enemy. Necromancer
Bottle of Blood Bottle of Blood 405 Casts Anti-Magic on one enemy. Evil Shaman
Briesingamen Briesingamen 405 Casts Power Up on all allies. Vanadis
Morning Star Chain Morning Star Chain 405 Casts Speed Up on all allies. Star Lancer
Dragon Knight Chain Dragon Knight Chain 405 Casts Protect Down on all enemies. Dragon Master
Gleipnir Gleipnir 405 Casts Mind Down on all enemies. Fenrir Knight

Seeds top
Seeds, which can only be obtained as treasure after a battle, yield various items when they are grown in the planters at inns. In battle, seeds can cure 50 HP to all party members.
  Name Cost Effect
Item Seed Item Seed 5 Yields a random curative item.
Mysterious Seed Mysterious Seed 40 Yields a Magic Walnut, Honey Drink, or Angel's Grail.
Flying Item Seed Flying Item Seed 5 Yields a random projectile item.
Magic Seed Magic Seed 18 Yields a random magic item.
??? Seed ??? Seed 50 Yields a random class change item.
Weapon/Armor Seed Weapon/Armor Seed 50 Yields best equipment.

Magic Items top
  Name Cost Magic Target
Earth Coin Earth Coin 22 Diamond Missile One/all, enemy
Gnome Statue Gnome Statue 40 Earthquake One, enemy
Basilisk's Fang Basilisk's Fang 42 Stone Cloud One, enemy
Barette's Scale Barette's Scale 22 Protect Up One, ally
Bee's Eye Bee's Eye 22 Protect Down One, ally
Molebear's Claw Molebear's Claw 40 Diamond Saber One, ally
Storm Coin Storm Coin 22 Air Blast One/all, enemy
Jinn Statue Jinn Statue 40 Thunderstorm One, enemy
Harpy's Fang Harpy's Fang 42 Stun Wind One, enemy
Bird's Scale Bird's Scale 22 Speed Up One, ally
Needlelion's Eye Needlelion's Eye 22 Speed Down One, ally
Siren's Claw Siren's Claw 40 Thunder Saber One, ally
Ice Coin Ice Coin 22 Ice Smash One/all, enemy
Undine Statue Undine Statue 40 Mega Splash One, enemy
White Dragon's Fang White Dragon's Fang 42 Cold Blaze One, enemy
Sahagin's Scale Sahagin's Scale 22 Mind Up One, ally
Battum's Eye Battum's Eye 22 Mind Down One, ally
Poseidon's Claw Poseidon's Claw 40 Ice Saber One, ally
Flame Coin Flame Coin 22 Fireball One/all, enemy
Salamander Statue Salamander Statue 40 Explode One, enemy
Fire Lizard's Fang Fire Lizard's Fang 42 Blaze Wall One, enemy
Drake's Scale Drake's Scale 22 Power Up One, ally
Slime's Eye Slime's Eye 22 Power Down One, ally
Cerberus' Claw Cerberus' Claw 40 Flame Saber One, ally
Darkness Coin Darkness Coin 22 Evil Gate One/all, enemy
Shade Statue Shade Statue 40 Dark Force One, enemy
Ghost's Eye Ghost's Eye 58 Death Spell One, enemy
Specter's Eye Specter's Eye 22 Anti-Magic One, enemy
Shadow Zero's Eye Shadow Zero's Eye 48 Black Curse One, enemy
Demon's Claw Demon's Claw 40 Dark Saber One, ally
Light Coin Light Coin 22 Holy Ball One/all, enemy
Wisp Statue Wisp Statue 40 Saint Beam One, enemy
Poto Oil Poto Oil 30 Heal Light One/all, ally
Pakkun Oil Pakkun Oil 40 Magic Shield One, ally
Mama Poto Oil Mama Poto Oil 22 Tinkle Rain One/all, ally
Papa Poto's Claw Papa Poto's Claw 40 Saint Saber One, ally
Moon Coin Moon Coin 42 Lunatic One, enemy
Luna Statue Luna Statue 30 Half Vanish One, enemy
Chibidevil's Eye Chibidevil's Eye 42 Body Change One, enemy
Porobin Oil Porobin Oil 40 Life Booster One, ally
Wolf Devil Oil Wolf Devil Oil 48 Energy Ball One, ally
Carmilla's Claw Carmilla's Claw 40 Moon Saber One, ally
Myconid's Eye Myconid's Eye 30 Sleep Flower One, enemy
Assassin Bug's Eye Assassin Bug's Eye 42 Poison Bubble One, enemy
Dryad Statue Dryad Statue 22 TransShape One, ally
Grell Oil Grell Oil 30 Aura Wave One, ally
Matango Oil Matango Oil 48 Counter Magic One, ally
Crawler's Claw Crawler's Claw 40 Leaf Saber One, ally

Projectiles top
  Name Cost Effect
Hand Axe Hand Axe 5  
Shuriken Shuriken 10  
Dart Dart 5  
Pumpkin Bomb Pumpkin Bomb 16 Damages one enemy and restores MP.

Curative Items top
  Name Cost Effect
Round Drop Round Drop 5 Restores 100 HP.
Pakkun Chocolate Pakkun Chocolate 40 Restores 300 HP.
Magic Walnut Magic Walnut 50 Restores 20 MP.
Honey Drink Honey Drink 75 Restores all HP.
Puipui Grass Puipui Grass 10 Cures all status ailments.
Stardust Herb Stardust Herb 16 Nullfies all magic effects.
Angel's Grail Angel's Grail 100 Revives fallen ally.
Magical Rope Magical Rope 12 Transports party to beginning of location.

Special Items top
All special items (with the exception of Dreamsee Herb, which cannot be bought) have an unlimited amount of uses and remain in the party inventory once they are obtained.
  Name Cost Effect (Obtain)
Gunpowder Gunpowder   Required for cannon travel. (Obtain after helping Watts in the Cleft of Earth.)
Chibikko Hammer Chibikko Hammer   Shrinks all party members. Can also reverse all status ailments if characters are shrunk. (Obtain from Black Market.)
Moogle Badge Chibikko Hammer   Moogle-izes all party members. Can also reverse all status ailments if characters are Moogles. (Treasure after defeating the Black Rabite.)
Pihyara Flute Pihyara Flute   When used at a beach, summons Booskaboo. (Obtain from the Heroic King of Forsena.)
Wind Drum Wind Drum   When used in most outdoor locations, summons Flammie. (Obtain after meeting the Mana Goddess for the first time.)
Dreamsee Herb Dreamsee Herb 15 Turns day into night, and night into day.
Illusion Mirror Illusion Mirror   Reveals the Mirage Palace.
Seiken Densetsu 3
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