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Lost Odyssey

Traditional RPG
  • October 2007
C+ 6 total ratings
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Lost Odyssey overview

Lost Odyssey synopsis

Kaim Argonar has been sentenced to live for a thousand years. Repeatedly he bears witness to the deaths of his closest friends. Meanwhile, the world is approaching 'a mystical industrial revolution'...

Lost Odyssey, a story through the eyes of a thousand year-old man, is the second role-playing title for development house Mistwalker. Aimed at appealing to an older audience than Blue Dragon, the game will handle such mature themes as mourning the dead and the struggle to survive past immense losses.

Producer- Hironobu Sakaguchi
Scenario- Kiyoshi Shigematsu
Music- Nobuo Uematsu
Character Design- Takehiko Inoue

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  • Lost Odyssey extended spot: available now on your TV
    Here's what you can expect to see on television during commercial breaks in the weeks to come: a lengthy promotional spot for the upcoming Xbox 360 title Lost Odyssey, available in North American stores on February 12, 2008 ... That is, of course, assuming you can ease that oppressive thumb off of your DVR’s fast-forward button for a while.

    news article 01 Feb 2008 by Eddy discuss 20 comments permalink permalink
  • Bonus Lost Odyssey content offered with pre-orders
    Microsoft is encouraging Xbox 360 owners in North America to buy Lost Odyssey before its release date by offering bonus unlockable content to those who pre-order the title through a special limited-time offer at participating retailers. The content, redeemable on Xbox Live Marketplace via a printed passcode included with each pre-order purchase, will feature an additional mission and weapon. The download will be available to all Xbox Live users later this spring.
    news article 19 Dec 2007 by Eddy discuss discuss permalink permalink
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  • Lost Odyssey's touch "feels just like a dream"
    Lost Odyssey hit store shelves across Japan today, leaving the Western role-playing gamer feeling one step behind - as usual. Still, we've the latest in a slew of recent trailers to keep us occupied until the game lands in North America on February 12, 2008. In addition to visually delighting viewers, the piece assures us the title won't arrive without the obligatory heart-warming English vocal music track gamers of the genre have come to know and expect.

    news article 06 Dec 2007 by Eddy discuss 1 comment permalink permalink
  • Lost Odyssey opening cinema revealed
    The recent piece featuring footage of the upcoming Xbox 360 title Lost Odyssey's opening sequence does little to appease curious fans.
    news article 22 Oct 2007 by Eddy discuss discuss permalink permalink
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  • Sakaguchi sheds light on Shigematsu's role in Lost Odyssey
    mistwalker.pngWhile demonstrating Lost Odyssey at a recent press conference, producer Hironobu Sakaguchi revealed he had been working closely alongside the game's scenario writer, award-winning Japanese author Kiyoshi Shigematsu, to produce a set of 34 non-interactive short story sequences, collectively known as the "1000 Year Dream," expressly for the title. The in-game segments, during which Kaim recalls events from the forgotten annals of his thousand-year journey, will be presented in the form of text upon backdrops, with music and sound effects providing dramatic effect. Link
    news article 11 Oct 2007 by Eddy  -17  no new comments discusss permalink permalink
  • E3 2007 - Amano wants to work with Mistwalker
    amano_thumbnail.jpgToday Chris Kohler of Wired interviewed Mistwalker president and former Square executive producer Hironobu Sakaguchi, leading to some intriguing off-the-cuff remarks on the part of the Japanese game designer. When asked if Mistwalker would invite Yoshitaka Amano, illustrator of the Final Fantasy series, "back into the fold," Sakaguchi answered, in English, "Yeah, good idea. And, he wants. Yeah, sometime." Full Q&A
    news article 14 July 2007 by Jeriaska  21  no new comments discusss permalink permalink
  • Lost Odyssey, firm foundation
    lost_odyssey_tn.jpgMistwalker's second outing for the XBox 360 is entitled Lost Odyssey, and follows the tribulations of a thousand year-old man cursed with perpetual youth. The mature role-playing entry has started out with a firm foundation, with producer Hironobu Sakaguchi having recruited several veterans of Squaresoft along with some renowned outside collaborators. By the year's end, players should have the chance to decide whether the finished title delivers on its promises. Details
    news article 18 June 2007 by Jeriaska  -31  no new comments discusss permalink permalink

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imagename & role
Daisuke FukugawaDaisuke Fukugawa
Hironobu SakaguchiHironobu Sakaguchi
Hiroshi KawaiHiroshi Kawai
Kiyoshi ShigematsuKiyoshi Shigematsu
Nobuo UematsuNobuo Uematsu
Takehiko InoueTakehiko Inoue
Character Design
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October 2007


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