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Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Square Enix
DVD Movie
Final Fantasy VII
  • April 25, 2006
  • September 10, 2005
  • April 24, 2006
A- 42 total ratings
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Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children media

4 scans, including remade FFVII scenes source: VideogamerX 08/10/05
Contents of the Advent Pieces Limited Edition source: 07/29/05
Six Dengeki scans source: SquareNet 06/05/05
Four new high-res screens   05/16/05
Pirate scans!   05/14/05
Some new spoileriffic screens, but mostly just high-res shots of stuff we have already seen source: Square Enix 05/09/05
A mélange of 63 screenshots source: 12/11/04
19 SUPER HI-RES screens source: 11/08/04
Cloud holding the p900iv; what a stud source: Panasonic 09/03/04
Scans of Yuffie, Zack, Healin Lodge source: Famitsu PS2 08/27/04
First Yuffie mugshots   08/20/04
High res scans of the Turks, Cloud, Tifa, and monsters source: Famitsu PS2 08/13/04
Wallpaper of the FF7AC logo, Cloudy Wolf, and Tifa source: Square Enix\\\'s ShinRa site 07/09/04
Wallpaper of Loz, Kadaj and Yazoo on their bikes   05/22/04
Scans of Tifa, the Turks, and the three Seph clones   05/07/04
Official Final Fantasy VII Advent Children wallpaper source: Square Enix 03/12/04
Miscellaneous shots of Vincent, Cloud, and more   12/21/03
Barret, Vincent, a new villain, and Aeris' burial scene. source: Famitsu 12/17/03
Three images depicting detailed Cloud and Sephiroth   10/01/03
First glimpse of Advent Children source: Quiter 09/26/03
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