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Final Fantasy VII - Dirge of Cerberus: Lost Episode

Square Enix
Action RPG
Final Fantasy VII
  • Summer 2006
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Final Fantasy VII - Dirge of Cerberus: Lost Episode overview

Final Fantasy VII - Dirge of Cerberus: Lost Episode synopsis

Announced at E3 2006, this fully 3d action RPG will be set during the events of Final Fantasy VII Dirge of Cerberus and presents the 4th game offshoot in the Final Fantasy VII franchise.

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  • Final Fantasy potion in collectible tin can form
    ff7-ac_tifa.PNGAbout a year and a half ago, Square Enix graced us with the Final Fantasy Potion, a mixture of fantastic chemicals all summing to a reportedly horrendous taste. The bottle itself was nothing to gawk at, either. Now Square Enix has different ideas: as part of its Final Fantasy VII 10th Anniversary celebration, beverage maker Suntory will once again join hands with our favorite Final Fantasy overlords to produce...the same exact thing. Only this time the delicious drink has found its way into collectible tin cans featuring Final Fantasy VII character artwork and others bundled with TRADING ARTS mini figures and minutely different art. Do you want to own a piece of history? Behold
    news article 31 Aug 2007 by Ziyad  -16  no new comments discusss permalink permalink
  • Spiral out: Final Fantasy VII 10th Anniversary Gallery
    ff7-compilation.pngFinal Fantasy VII's 10th anniversary made for some eye-bulging bonuses, as you may remember from some weeks ago. Evidently, these nifty extras weren't enough presents for ten-year-old Final Fantasy VII - a game that is perhaps Square's most popular entry into their staple series. Thus, in addition to the aforementioned extras, Square Enix has plans to roll out a Final Fantasy VII 10th Anniversary Gallery in Spiral (a cornerstone of Tokyo's Aoyama district). Running from August 31 to September 2, the gallery is slated to boast a range of artwork from each Compilation of Final Fantasy VII denizen. In addition to classic artwork in the vein of Tetsuya Nomura's (in)famous character designs, never-before-seen art will also line the gallery, ensuring a visual feast for fanatics. Have your eyes popped out of their sockets? If so, you'll want to start reserving those flight tickets to Tokyo; this gallery certainly isn't traveling to the West. Kotaku
    news article 11 Aug 2007 by Kanji  47  no new comments discusss permalink permalink
  • E3 2007 - Square Enix to bring online store stateside
    ffxii_gabranth-toy.PNGIn addition to its E3 lineup announcement, Square Enix has revealed its scheme to open a North American online store. Square Enix, as a self-described "premiere [maker] of high end-collectibles" plans to stock a multitude of "popular and hard-to-find items" including Master Arms, Play Arts, and Mechanical Arts spanning various series, from Final Fantasy to Kingdom Hearts. Clearly, Square Enix has seen that someone, somewhere is making money selling its products. The immediate consequence will likely find many third-party vendors competing for profits with Square Enix itself. The Online Store
    news article 09 July 2007 by Ziyad  101  no new comments discusss permalink permalink

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Kosei ItoKosei Ito
Project Manager
Tetsuya NomuraTetsuya Nomura
Character designer
Yoshinori KitaseYoshinori Kitase
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Summer 2006


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