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Friends of Mana

Square Enix
Communications RPG
Seiken Densetsu
  • October 12, 2006
A+ 2 total ratings
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Friends of Mana News

  • Friends of Mana is still alive and kicking, apparently
    worldofmana.pngOh yeah, so after that out-of-nowhere Heroes of Mana unveiling the other day alongside those other titles, we didn't see or hear anything about Friends of Mana, a previously filed-for trademark. So most people just assumed Friends had been renamed to Heroes. Not so! Friends of Mana today was revealed to be a mobile instalment of the Mana series, confirming our worst fears that despite Square Enix's insistency to fail at producing anything compelling in a crossplatform fashion, Polymorphism™ appears to continue to lead their strategic approach. Too bad. Oh yeah, Friends is apparently an RPG with the same visual style as Children of Mana and uses turn-based combat. More news at 11. Link
    news article 15 Sep 2006 by Rahul  -30  no new comments discuss permalink permalink
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