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Square Further Hints on Final Fantasy IX Unveiling

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  Strong speculation of a Final Fantasy IX unveiling were present going into Tokyo Game Show '99. While the game has yet to be shown, Square certainly didn't fail to leave an impression on the title's future.

  In one area of Square's booth, a large screen showed a clip promoting a November 23rd Press Conference. At the end of the clip? A large translucent "IX". Furthermore, RPG site The GIA showed scans of Square's promotional pamplet, which on two pages contained an ad for the press event. On the ad? The Press Event title and date printed nine times.

  While many sites have been claiming that Final Fantasy IX will be the $40 million budgeted PS2 title that Square has been teasing, don't forget that Digicube, a Squaresoft Subsidary, confirmed that Final Fantasy IX would be a PlayStation title. Rumors surrounding the ninth title have been strong, covering everything from a Medieval design to which system the game will be seen on. However, it should be remembered that everything seen so far is mostly speculation, but Square will remedy this on the 23rd of November.

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