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The Square Haven Mission Statement

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About our goals, our past, and our future plans for Square Haven
? I think Square Haven has always been ambitious, now more than ever. There have been many bumps along the way and it hasn't been an easy road to take. Enjoyable, yes, but far from easy.

? Square Haven is an ongoing project. I doubt we will be closing our doors again for remodeling in the next year [Woops! ~Matt]. You're looking at the ultimate version, the pinnacle. As Square Haven staff members, our mission is to:

  • Post honest, timely news. Not just a GIA mirror
  • Provide intelligent reviews
  • Incorperate in-depth previews
  • Provide a wide range of gaming media
  • Post in-depth, quality game coverage

? These are the promises we will hold to site visitors. We hope you are satisfied with what we have to offer and we're glad you gave us a visit.

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