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Square Expands Millennium Collection

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Re-release series now covers nearly all of Square's successful non-Final Fantasy games
  Square's Millennium Collection, a series of games being re-released (along with a set of pack-in goods) by Square in Japan, has received several additions. Besides the previously announced re-issuing of Final Fantasy Tactics, Saga Frontier, Saga Frontier 2, and Brave Fencer Musashi, Square will also be reissuing Front Mission 3, Ehrgeiz, Legend of Mana, Chrono Cross, Parasite Eve 2, and two versions of Xenogears (one with pack-in goods focused on Fei, one which focuses on Elly).

  Since the Millennium Collection will not be released in North America, the main issue of interest seems the been the bonus goodies included with each game. The extras are as follows:

  • Final Fantasy Tactics: A set of cards decorated with character and job class artwork, and a clock featuring the Zodiac Beasts
  • Saga Frontier: A tea set and a t-shirt featuring artwork from the game.
  • Saga Frontier 2: Again, a tea set and a t-shirt featuring game artwork.
  • Brave Fencer Musashi: A Square pouch designed to hold a Game Boy Colour or a Wonderswan, a set of five postcards, and a Minku wristband with a set of attachable Minkus.
  • Front Mission 3: A metal figure, a purse, and a keychain.
  • Ehrgeiz: A diorama set.
  • Legend of Mana: A music box and two figurines.

  The pack in goods for Chrono Cross, Parasite Eve 2, and the two Xenogears re-releases have yet to be announced. Each title will cost ?3800, around US$40.00.

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What is up with the bullshit about not Japs releasing games in America, i would REALLY love to know what there reasons are??

I know it cant be cus it wont sell because Americans are the among the most Frivolous, when it comes to spending money and its the wealthiest nation.

So then what the hell is it!
Personally I think it maybe a prejudice thing?

Anyways I would really love to see all of those games be rereleased in this fashion, Especially Parasite Eve 2, both Saga Frontiers, and mostly Xenogears and Final Fantasy Tactics (with the exception of FFVII, FF Tactics, is my favorite Final Fantasy).
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