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Square and Nintendo make sweet, sweet love once again

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Once an inseparable powerhouse team, the two are now further apart than ever. But are Square and Nintendo in cahoots with Nintendo's GameCube? Are the two to reunite once again?
  One upon a time in the land of video games, there was a console, the NES, and an up and coming console developer, SquareSoft. Their partnership would soon become legendary. Their separation would later beaome as heated a controversy.

  When Nintendo announced in 1995 their next generation plans, Square distanced themselves from those plans by ceasing all Nintendo relations and becoming an exclusive developer for Sony's competing PlayStation. This angered Nintendo. Ever since then, rumors of Square and Nintendo reuniting have been regularly heard.

  During a recent SpaceWorld interview conducted with Jim Merrick, Nintendo of America's technical director, he commented on the hottest rumor of the gaming world:

    "Somebody asked on the teleconference last night if Square is back on board, and the answer to that was just a smile... we couldn't answer that one. We have seen a really strong response from everybody, whether it's Namco, Capcom, everybody over here: Enix and Square ... a very loaded question, there's lots of things going on there. Nintendo knows how important they are."

  So what?? Who knows if Nintendo and Square are reuniting... Nintendo is notoriously tight-lipped on anything and everything, as Square hasn't spoken anything above a whisper of their future game development since January's Millennium conference.

  On that same day when Shigeru Miyamoto was asked the question of if and how Nintendo will emphasize RPGs for the GameCube more so than with the N64, his response was:

    "It's not as if there weren't any RPGs (on N64). I think about the only RPGs missing are THIS one and THAT one. If these developers still have the ability to continue to produce these series, I think Nintendo GAMECUBE will be the easiest console to develop for. Our job is to increase the user base so that these companies can profit from making their games on our system. If we can accomplish our goal, I think developers will choose our console, which is the easiest to develop for."

  Although that's not exactly the answer Nintendo fans want to hear, Nintendo is now realizing the assets that Square and Enix are. If reunification is to happen, this is a pretty big step.

  ..and comon, give us a break! We know this is a misleading story with almost ZERO solid facts to back it up. We're just pressed to get anything we can up in terms of news. What a slow week...

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