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Final Fantasy IX reviews

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Final Fantasy IX is almost out and the reviews are rolling in. What's the general conception of Square's latest Final Fantasy? An array of reviews are inside..
  The release of Final Fantasy IX is just hours away. Square's last PlayStation title promises to take the series back to its 16 bit roots, harking back to the days of Moogles, castles, and crystals. But does Final Fantasy IX live up to the hype? Here are some of the resources listed that have been privileged enough to review the game.

    "an emotional tale of humanity in the face of adversity lies at the core of each installment of the series"
    "Square's developers have once again outdone themselves as far as technical execution and visual artistry, building a fantasy world that I could be content to simply stare at, remembering years past when all these things struck an internal chord for the first time and wondering how a game console could hold images this beautiful."
    "Each successive Final Fantasy game has more buzz and higher expectations, and yet SquareSoft has still delivered. FFIX is no exception-except for the fact that it does, at times, go beyond expectations to give gamers a true masterpiece."
    "With such an accessible and enticing story structured around the long-established FF brand of gameplay, it's obvious that Square didn't set out to break new ground. Rather, it just wants to tell you a good story. To that end, Square gets both thumbs up. Final Fantasy IX will be remembered as one of the PlayStation's finest hours."
PSM Magazine9/10
    "FF9 doesn't have much new stuff, but the story and characters make it the best PS game in the series."
Electronic Gaming Monthly10 , 9.5 , 9.5
    "All the things that made Final Fantasy such an unforgetable experience years ago are back."

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