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Hello, Final Fantasy XII

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Square introduces the first details of Final Fantasy XII, announces portable versions of Final Fantasy IV through VI, talks of the PC port of Final Fantasy XI, and (kinda) announces support for Nintendo's GameBoy Advance. All in one day, mind you!
  With so much Final Fantasy, one would think it was Square's sole franchise.

  The first details relating to Final Fantasy XII were revealed today at Square's business strategy conference held in Japan. Just as Final Fantasy XI is played as an online title, Final Fantasy XII will be a traditional, offline game. Although it would most likely be safe to say Final Fantasy XII will be released on Sony's PS2, Square has yet to confirm it.

  Final Fantasy XI, Square's first online title, will be released [eventually] on both the PS2 and PC simultaneously.

  Developing Final Fantasy XI is Chrono Cross' Hiromichi Tanaka and Secret of Mana's Kouichi Ishii. Final Fantasy Tactics' Yasumi Matsuno and FFIX's Hiroyuki Itou will head FFXII.

  In the world of handhelds, Square now has plans to re-release the Super NES generation of Final Fantasy titles, even though all three are "technologically impossible to make on the Wonderswan Color" according to series producer Hirnobu Sakaguchi. Could that mean a switch of platforms over to the more powerful and more popular GameBoy Advance? More than likely since Hisashi Suzuki claims "as president [of SquareSoft], I'm working hard to bring out the games on a Nintendo system, and I would like to continue to do so in the future."

  Square also has plans for a completely new Final Fantasy game on an unspecified handheld platform.

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Everything used to be so fucking promising.
Yeah, and also six years ago we were less jaded. 2001 was a golden fucking year of unbridled innocence and videogames.

And then Saddam Hussein took it all away from us by exploding the World Trade Center.
I believe I missed the part where Saddam Hussein was behind that particular activity.
Haha, indeed. I do believe that the "rodent in the cave" was responsible for such an act.
I believe Matt was making commentary on how we are at war with Iraq but it was not Saddam who blew up the towers.
IT WASN'T????!!?!!??aqp24323uc*&^()#qhooiqerqw":
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