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Orchestrated concert "20020220" released on CD

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"20020220," the orchestrated concert featuring music from Final Fantasy, will be released on CD in Japan.
20020220Nobuo Uematsu's orchestrated concert, "20020220 music from FINAL FANTASY," held this past February will be released on CD today in Japan. The concert was in celebration of Final Fantasy's tenth anniversary and features an array or tracks from various titles.

The track list is as follows:

Disc 1
01: Tuning
02: Liberi Fatali [FF VIII]
03: Theme of Love [FF IV]
04: MC-1
06: MC-2
07: Theme of Aerith [FF VII]
08: Don't be Afraid [FF VIII]
09: Theme of Tina [FF VI]
10: MC-3
11: My Dear Friend [FF V]
12: Vamo' alla Flamenco [FF IX]
Disc 2
01: MC-1
02: Zanarkand [FF X]
03: Yuna's Decision [FF X]
04: MC-2
05: Love Grows [FF VIII]
06: Suteki da Ne [FF X]
07: MC-3
08: Melodies of Life [FF IX]
09: MC-4 [FF VI]
10: One-Winged Angel [FF VII]
11: MC-5
12: The Man with the Machine Gun [FF VIII]

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what did square run out of ideas for Music titles? Or is this the I/O combination they put together to create the music?
I know! All Square comes out with these days are original soundtracks. Like that one for Kingdom Hearts. What, Yoko Shimomura composed that one? Yeah, Square can't get any talented composers anymore... Oh yeah! What about that Final Fantasy X Piano Collections? How hackneyed can Square get?
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