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Thai girl fails to complete Bomberman, kills self

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Ratchaburi, Thailand - Police believe that 12 year old Siriwan Khao-snoh recently took her own life as a result of frustration over failing to complete Bomberman. The child's mother on the other hand blames cartoons for driving her daughter into a mad fit of suicidal rage. GameSpot|article

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Forums / News / Thai girl fails to complete Bomberman, kills self

Miss Siriwan Khainshoh come on down! You are the one and only winner of Two Point New's 'You are stupid Award.'
Um, someone just died, even if the reason was a bit silly.

What the hell? This is pushing it...

Killing yourself over a game, tsch...
Someone killed themself over EverQuest two months ago...guess it's becoming a hip new trend.
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