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Square purchases Ogre Battle developers. Like slaves.

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SquareSoft has reportedly finalized a deal to purchase the development team and resources behind Quest, known for the Ogre Battle series (we think).
  Quest announced today via the official site  an agreement in which Quest will bestow all current software development resources to Square - including, but not limited to the Ogre Battle series and developers.

  The announcement strikes little surprise considering Square recently purchased the franchise rights to the series. Ogre Battle creator and director Yasumi Matsuno traversed the line from Quest to Square shortly following Tactics Ogre in 1997. He went on to such endeavors as Final Fantasy Tactics and Vagrant Story and is currently at the helm of the Game Boy Advance version of Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy XII.

  Considering the purchase, it's quite likely to assume that a reunion of Matsuno and the Ogre Battle team will result in the form of a new Ogre Battle title in the near future.

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Forums / News / Square purchases Ogre Battle developers. Like slaves.

The smartest move since Final Fantasy was created? At the very least better than FFXI and The Spirits Within. No exaggeration!
Final Fantasy XI and The Spirits Within are both really good ideas in my mind. Too bad Square has to go and TOTALLY FUCK THEM BOTH UP.

Is it just me or is this theme beginning to become a reoccuring SquareSoft tradition?
True. I must clarify.

How about 'at least better than the FFXI debacle of a launch, or the marketing of The Spirits Within'?

Can't say the projects in themselves are bad, especially when I still haven't even seen the damn movie.

Some fan, eh?
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