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IGN offers free week of Insider... FOR YOUR SOUL!

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None of us here at Square Haven are Insiders and we assume, since IGN can't possibly suck more ass, that all the good shit is Inside.

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Forums / News / IGN offers free week of Insider... FOR YOUR SOUL!

Is it just me or does IGN have an undying lust for sucking? I hate them with all my damning passions.
So true. Has anyone actually tried to save some of IGN's suck-ass content? Why is it worth being 'protected' from saving???
Hey guys, look at the bright side, maybe from, like seven ads per page, there will be only five. Long live IGN advertising.
I really hate IGN with a passion, not only due to the fact that you have to go through 3 or 4 pages of advertisements to get to any section of the site, but you also have to content with the complete lack of good content and images. I'd rather be in the Thunderdome with a rabid badger.
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