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Ikaruga to be released in September

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All twenty North Americans who played Radiant Silvergun on the Saturn reported to be cheering and flailing wildly.
Though new releases for the Dreamcast are slowly grinding to a halt in Japan, Dreamcast fans will have one game to eagerly look forward to this fall: Ikaruga, the much-awaited follow-up to Treasure's Radiant Silvergun.

Fans were left unsure if Ikaruga would see a Dreamcast release due to unclear release dates and even rumours of the Dreamcast port's cancellation in favour of a PlayStation 2 version. Now, online sources in Japan have confirmed that the arcade shooter will be released on September 5th in Japan.

The Dreamcast port of the game will contain some extra features such as a practice mode, an illustration gallery, and a sound test. Ikaruga will retail for 6,800 yen (approximately $57 USD.)

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Do you know if Hitoshi Sakimoto is composing the music?
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