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Console race over; some magazine rates Xbox as best gaming console

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This magazine, apparently entitled "Worth" or something, has rated Microsoft's Xbox as the best gaming console on the market. Thus ends the current - and most heated - console war in gaming history. IGN | article

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Forums / News / Console race over; some magazine rates Xbox as best gaming console

Holy shit!!! We don't even have Xboxses.
Hey, aren't you being presum...

Ok, ok. Just kidding. Like hell I'd buy a Xbox. Now, if someone bought me one, like Hoshigami...
I have yet to see anything that makes me want ot own a Xbox. They seem to have alot of games that are revamped version from other systems. Until I see something that says that I must get a Xbox to play that game, I won't buy one. Microsoft has alot to learn about what true gamers want.
Personally, I will never purchase an Xbox, since no single game is worth buying a system for, not even Halo, even if it is worth of such effusive praise.

But hey, since Xbox was anointed as the victor of this war by this here magazine, I guess I'll just have to console myself with Resident Evil. And Metroid Prime. And Eternal Darkness. And Final Fantasy XII. And cel-shaded Link. And...
...Super Monkey Ball 2!!!
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