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Sony uses money to combat Mario, Bowser slaps forehead

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Sony plans to spend around one billion yen on advertising to quell the Super Mario Sunshine hype rather than using that money to bathe in, as they had previously been doing. Games Are Fun

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Forums / News / Sony uses money to combat Mario, Bowser slaps forehead

Is this a principled buisness decision? Sony seems to be the dirty bastard of the bunch. I don't recall Nintendo or Sega ever attempting to steal thunder. Probably it's just that Nintendo gives me such a large gaming erection that I shrug off any unacceptable goings on.

Case in point: Dreamcast launch on Sept 9, 1999. Sony deliberately held off on the release of Final Fantasy VIII to coincide with the release of Dreamcast.

I'm sure there are others...
Nintendo: Majora's Mask pushed to same day as PS2 launch. Either that or for some Final Fantasy game, I don't remember.
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