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Turok fan to wait in line 50 days for game

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A silly British gamer has decided that he will try to break a world record by waiting in line over 50 days for the next Turok. Unfortunately for him, Acclaim says that they're going to give him free Acclaim games to help pass the time. Welcome to hell, British gamer.

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Forums / News / Turok fan to wait in line 50 days for game

I think he needs a girlfriend or maybe a few friends to point out the silliness of this whole situation.
Seriously. I might be able to understand waiting in line for the next Final Fantasy. But Turok, of all games? What the...
His motivation is in those big sacks of money Acclaim is handing him. Don't doubt he's an intern for the company that they put out there. How else would he be able to afford 50 days without working?
But this guy has to realize that working for Acclaim is a dead-end prospect.

Then again, he's willing to wait 50 days in line for Turok.
I can imagine waiting for that long for a GOOD game but god damn.
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