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Final Fantasy III WSC officially canned according to Stephen Wilson

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After months of nothing but dreadful speculation, Stephen Wilson has finally confirmed that the Wonderswan Color version of Final Fantasy III has been officially canned. Source: Stephen Wilson

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Forums / News / Final Fantasy III WSC officially canned according to Stephen Wilson

Good job confirming that Stephen !

I don't know why there is so much speculation on this.... If the other 2 don't get released in the U.S./Canada, it really doen't matter.
Oh shit, that made me laugh. Too bad it's dreadful news though.
Well, if there were a site devoted solely to Square-related news, especially these days, it wouldn't have much activity.
Hmm.... Sounds like my type of site, nothing new, ever ! Can I have a link ? Please ? Pretty please ? With a chery on top ? Covered with whipped cream ?.... Yummy.... MmmmMmMMmm. Hungry.... Fooooood....
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