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Spiffy Official Site of Final Fantasy I?II Unveiled

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Perhaps not quite as sexy as Unlimited SaGa's Flash-only official site, but its spiffy factor is not to be disputed. Official site of FFI?II
? Square recently opened the official web site of the PlayStation remakes of Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II.

??FFI and FFII will be released separately for 3,800 yen each (about $32 US).? Both games will also be released together as "Final Fantasy I?II Premium Package" for 8,800 yen (about $73 US).? The limited edition Premium Package, which features special packaging and picture labels, also includes three original collectible figures, described apparently as part of a "Square Minimum Collection."

? FFI, FFII, and the Premium Package are officially scheduled for release October 31 in Japan.

? Along with opening and ending CG movies, the FFI and FFII remakes for the PS will feature revamped graphics (including new "event scenes"), upgraded sound quality, and a "quick save" option.? The PS remakes are based on the WonderSwan Color remakes of the original NES versions of FFI and FFII.

? The official site mentions that the PS remakes will also include several special features, including an "easy mode" for beginners, a "monster picture book" (bestiary data), and a Yoshitaka Amano art gallery.

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I like the horizontal scrolling system, and I stole the script. Take that, FFI?II website!
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