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Acclaim gives away cash, free shit to stupid gamers

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Hot off the heals of their latest stupid publicity stunt, Acclaim is currently accepting applications for five gamers who are willing to change their legal name to Turok for an entire year. In doing this, Acclaim will award said five gamers with 500 pounds ($776) and curse said five gamers with an Xbox and every single Turok game ever

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Matt, out of respect to your loyal visitors, I believe you should send in your application. In fact, with the incomparable TUROK games in your possession, you'll be the master of the universe.
But I would have to share it with four other dumbasses. I don't want to share the universe!

Besides, the loophole in you "plan" is that I don't live in the UK. So I'm void because of my American-ness.
And that, my friend, is the essence of current perception of the US in Europe. Heheheh.
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