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Final Fantasy III remake planned for GameBoy Advance

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Several sources have claimed that Square confirmed a remake of Final Fantasy III for the GameBoy Advance in the latest issue of V-Jump (a Japanese magazine). A remake of FFIII was in development for the WonderSwan Color, but Square removed all information about the WSC remake from its website, as noted previously.

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Forums / News / Final Fantasy III remake planned for GameBoy Advance

it a great plan ,I hope someday it really!
the idea of remaking ff3j on gba sounds great, but because gba's target is younger children, it will probobly suck, because of the reduced difficulty, "cute" sprites, and the bad words will be replaced with words "uh oh" and stuff like that. :(
don't mess with fine works of art, but don't get me wrong i think a remake on gba would be great, but if u face reality, you would probobly think of it like legacy of great intention to resurrection of the dark dragon
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