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Famitsu reveals new details on Square/Nintendo products

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Several new details/surprises have been revealed regarding Square's current Gamecube and Game Boy Advance plans.
? According to GamePro (article), this week's Famitsu has revealed several more details regarding Square's Nintendo projects.

? Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicle is reportedly more of an action-oriented game than your traditional Final Fantasy title. Crystal Chronicle will also incorporate various multiplayer elements present in Final Fantasy XI, such that multiple Game Boys will hook up to the Gamecube, which will act similar to a computer server. An example given is "when you're about to die in FFXI you have to type out 'cast Cure on me' [to get someone to help you]... In the GameCube game, you'll be able to connect up to four GBAs at once, so you might be able to ask your friend playing next to you to help you out." The Game Boy Advance is reportedly required for the Gamecube title to function.

? A surprising revelation was revealed in the Final Fantasy Tactics title, which was believed to be a port of the original PlayStation version. Instead, the title is apparently a direct sequel to the original featuring a brand new storyline and gaming functions.

? The Seiken Densetsu title was also revealed to be a remake of the original Seiken Densetsu, released in North America as Final Fantasy Adventure.

? It is a terrible regret than no new information was revealed on Square's chocobo title.

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It's a pity that the Seiken Densetsu game is just a port of FFA, rather than a new game or a port of SD3; which I'm sure many people have been wishing for. Interesting news about FFT, I'm kind of happy because I've played through the original game so many times. Good news all-in-all, hopefully we'll see some original Square games for the GBA in the near future.
Wow. I didn't think that Square would be just using the GC as a server, I thought that there was an actual game game to be for the GC.

It's to bad that the SD game will just be a port, though.

FFT has me feeling all tingly inside, although I wonder what the plot will be ?
It isn't a port, it's a remake. And remakes aren't THAT bad... As fer Final Fantasy Tactics...I can't wait...sounds awesome :D
Well, if FFT for the GBA is an actual sequel... I actually have to change the synopsis and shit. UGH.
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