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English version of Kingdom Hearts theme song renamed

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The English version of "Hikari," the vocal theme song of Kingdom Hearts, will now be titled "Simple and Clean." Japanese pop star Utada Hikaru, who performs the vocals to "Hikari," also sings the English lyrics. For many of you who have already seen the English lyrics to the "Hikari" remix, this "news" proves that we live in a vacuum.

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Hey, the vacuum is a spiffy place to live. Have some respect.
i like the regular "Hikari" better than simple and clean in my opinion; and how come they totally changed the lyrics in the american one. If u can understand japanese the lyrics are totally different. But it's still a really good song to listen to if u're in2 J-PoP. Mad Propz 2 square-haven (nice cite u got here keep it up).
I really like the original japanese version of "Hikari" too. i just downloaded it and it sounds different then the english version but sounds better.
It's BOTH TIGHT! both japanese and american! but sometimes they leave out the good things..(i dunno what) ^^()
I think that "Hikari" and "Simple & Clean" may be a little different from each other... But they're still Awesome, right?
i like both but can i you download it on ipod,and media player or only mp3
"Simple and Clean" was a great theme song to listen to and if I had a MP3 Player, iPOD or PSP I will download that music!
It's soo Addictive!!!! It's like crack... not like I have any now but If I stop listening to I'll die!!!
Oh yeah the REMIX is SWEET!!!!!!!
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