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Details on Final Fantasy Tactics Advance revealed

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Inside forum reference: I told you the graphics couldn't be similar to those for the PlayStation FFT!
? Quiter and several advertisement scans posted by Games Are Fun revealed new information on Final Fantasy Tactics for the GBA, which now has an official name: Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.

? The story supposedly is about three ordinary kids who are transported into a world of "swords and sorcery" contained in a mysterious book called "FF."? Their names are Marsh (the main protagonist), Ritz, and Mute.

? Based on the screenshots in the magazine advertisement and the character artwork, the characters appear anime-styled.? The world the characters reside in appears to be set in the present day.? (There is a car shown in one of the screenshots.)

? FFTA's new gameplay systems consist of the following:

? The "Judgement System" appears to replace the AT/CT turn-based system featured in Final Fantasy Tactics (which was based on Tactics Ogre's AT/WT system).

? The "Kuran System," which is similar to the proposition system present in the PS FFT, allows the characters to undertake side quests offered in the game.

? The "Region Create System" is used to create the world map of FFTA.? (This may indicate that the world within the "FF" book is shaped based on the decisions made during the game.)

? The graphics for FFTA, which have the familiar 3/4 overhead perspective, are of similar quality and style as the graphics for Tactics Ogre: Knight of Lodis.? The perspective in FFTA is fixed as in TO.

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I gleaned what I could from the advertisements, which are here:

Ad scans

(As of this post, GAF had incorrect links.)

I have to be at a meeting in 15 minutes, so I might fix up everything later...
Immediate reaction: NO! THEY KIDDIFIED FFTA!
2nd reaction: FFT goes Battle Network? Hmm.
AUGH! I went to the wrong building.

I remembered "Campbell," but I still went to the wrong one because I internalized "Campbell" to be the wrong building.

Oh well. Maybe next year...
*crickets chirping*

Ok, I'm going to make a wild assumption that "horse master" and "jasmine" are supposed to be job classes! Does anyone care that there might not be any traditional FF jobs in FFT?

I care.

I mean, sure, the traditional classes can be a little, uh, bland, but, but, BUT !BUT! at least I know what they all are.

What the hell (excuse me if I should've read this somewhere already, I haven't had net access in three days, cables been out here) is Jasmine ?
In the advertisements posted, you see the three characters supposedly as their "normal" selves, and then in another part of the ad, see them as "horse master" (Marsh) "plum" something, and "jasmine" (Ritz). I made an assumption that these were kinds of jobs...

I am not really sure, though.
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